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June 19, 2018

Orange Delight!

My iris have been blooming.  This is a lovely variety called Orange Harvest bearded iris.  It is considered a re-bloomer but so far not for me.  A friend of mine in Virginia got the same ones and hers re-bloomed last year (longer growing season).

My old watering can (that I decorated with rope and mod-lodge as seen "here") on a chippy white stand with one orange Gerbera Daisy standing above all the rest!

These are an intense orange colored geranium!

My little Tropical Sunrise Superbells are the cutest.  I keep opening up the area for them because the Royal Velvet purple Supertunias are really filling out!

I adore this variety!

Peeking at the patio area my orange nonstop begonias are doing their thing!

I am so delighted I chose orange as my primary color through the gardens and I truly love the color of this Mocca orange one!

My orange impatiens are filling up the pot.  I only made a ring around the edge because the "elephant ears" I  planted will be the center attraction (one of these days!)  I'm encouraged that it is growing and expect a massive plant soon!

More orange impatiens and begonias up in the two pots by the bench.  The plants are filling out and soon it will be a mass of color!
Last year in red.

These "waterfall" begonias are fantastic! It has really bulked up in size in the past few weeks!

This is how it looked at the end of May

I'll party with this long shot view towards the fountain.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for viewing my Orange Delight post!

Don't forget- next week Friday June 29th is our once a month 
Garden Party- We look forward to your posts!


  1. Oh Liz, I'm so jealous! Your flowers are all so beautiful. Mine aren't exactly taking off this year. I'm a little bit bummed about it but I guess with time things will improve.

  2. Hi Liz! Purple and orange is such a pretty combo. Your flowers and garden are looking fabulous! Jane

  3. Liz, your flowers are gorgeous. They all really look so healthy.

  4. Oh Liz your flowers are soooooo gorgeous. The Michigan weather is helping them grow and thrive. It all looks so beautiful. Hey I found out something that might help with the blog comment thingy!!! At the end of a new post if you check the notify me at the end of the post before publishing you will get the comments into your email once again. The only issue is that everyone comes in as a no reply blogger so if you reply from your email you would have to have the email addresses in your address book to copy into your reply. I hope they get it fixed soon too. Just so aggravating but at least if you do this one step before hitting publish you will get the comments into your email.

  5. What beautiful color Liz. You have quite the variety. Seeing beautiful blooms always makes me smile. Lots of hard work has paid off.

  6. Beautiful Liz! I have never seen orange geraniums, they look so pretty. Love the pot with purple and orange, they make a nice combo. I’ll be back for your party.

  7. Liz, I wanted to ask if the waterfall begonias can take the sun?

  8. Liz, your garden looks so wonderful and so healthy! Your flowers don't seem to mind the really hot temperatures. I don't typically use orange in my garden, but it looks beautiful as a pop of color. Your pots look so lush considering you get a much later start than we do! ♥

  9. Oh Liz, you have such s green thumb !!! Your flowers are gorgeous !!! Thank you for inviting us in to see them !!! Love the orange!!!

  10. OK, you've convinced me...next year I'm adding a BUNCH of orange hues to my outdoor flowers!!! I have always loved orange, but when I see how you've paired it here with that gorgeous royal purple and how fabulous those irises are, I know I've gotta just do it!!! I had to go pink this year for the party, but next year...come to Mama, orange!!! :-)

  11. I love all the pops of orange and coral in your gardens. I had lots of orange and coral last year. This year it's shades of pink. That parting shot is stunning! Happy gardening!

  12. I'm intrigued by the repeat bloom iris. Keep us posted if you have a rebloom next year. Iris are so beautiful but they don't last long.
    Your urns are so lush and pretty. I adore your stone path and healthy hostas.

  13. Love your choice of orange in your garden. The bearded iris is so beautiful. Beautiful post.

  14. Your garden is lovely ~ re-blooming irises are such a treat. Mine always bloom again in late September to early October. A glimpse of spring going into fall.

  15. I love 'orange' as your choice of color throughout your garden this year! I'm not familiar with 'waterfall' begonias...what a beauty, I bet the hummers love it. Your last photo of your path leading to your Japanese maple is stunning!

  16. Liz, orange is a great choice of color for your garden...it is bright and happy! The bearded iris and begonias are stunning. Your garden is vibrant and healthy! Thanks so much for joining Gardens Galore

  17. Ooooohh, love the apricot color of the iris! Not one I had seen before. Orange is such an under-used color and your garden demonstrates why this shouldn't be the case. Wonderful!

  18. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden - love all the colors!


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