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June 29, 2018

June Garden Party

Welcome to the June "Garden Party"

My Gardens Are In The Pink!
Last week my peonies were in their glory (or my glory anyway!).

It's not only a beautifuly fragranced flower but also a pretty one!

The white is absolutely the most delicious fragrance of them all!

We were gone for a bit and the grass grew like crazy.  The peonies are pretty much done and now the Max Frei Cranesbill or Hardy Geraniums are in full bloom.

Just left of the peonies is a tall Limelight Hydrangea with a skirt of pink blooming spirea.  They were so tiny when I first put them there and now they are really big!

I tried to capture the bumble bee that was buzzing about (he's just off center on the pink flower) but he was moving so furiously I couldn't get a good focus.

Over by the fireplace where we planted the new Japanese Maple last year it's coming along beautifully and so are the double knock out roses.  I gave them some fertilizer a few weeks ago and they are really growing!

Well these aren't exactly pink but I couldn't resist showing them!

In front of the bedroom are more spirea that are blooming in pink too.  I know for sure the two larger ones are called Lemon Princess spirea but I'm not sure what the center one is.  Everything needs a trim and as soon as they're done blooming I'll shape them up.

Around the side are the astilbe I planted a few weeks back and they're blooming nicely now.

They're supposed to be red but so far are just a strong pink.  Perhaps they'll shift color as the flower matures.

Lets head out back.  Along the pathway to the patio is a Goldflame spirea blooming.  The leaves on these change color as the season moves along and in the fall they get a coppery orange tone to them.

Opposite of that is the "Little Princess" spirea.  I've learned that spirea are a reliable plant up here so I've invested in a bunch of them.  

Another angle of it.  

The old wagon with pink begonia flowers has filled out nicely.

This perennial pops up reliably each year and I love watching it change as it grows.
Astrantia (Great Masterwort) Star of fire.

There's a soft pink astilbe beginning to bloom on the right but it's not very noticeable yet.

Last year I planted the Cleome (SeƱorita Rosalita) in the garden bed but this year I decided to try one in the flower pot.  I'm loving how well it's doing.  Super carefree plant.

These are "Tiny Pearl" asiatic lilies

Queen Elizabeth  Grandiflora Rose.  My first bloom this season.  

Dianthus- great reliable perennial.  If you shear off the flowers they'll bloom again.

This is a pink version of Veronica (Speedwell) which I just added to my pink garden.  

An evening shot of the pink garden.  Still more pink to come!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you are joining our
Garden Party which is hosted by 5 of us.  
You'll find the link below.



  1. Gorgeous Liz, especially your peonies! I keep hoping they will hybridize a variety with a longer blooming time. Everything is so lush and I adore your wagon planted with begonias!

  2. Good Morning Liz,
    Everything is in glorious pink blooms and oh my how happy this post makes me! Abundant color and greenery too. You have such a natural green thumb and it shows in all of your gardens! I know Summer keeps you busy and happy too.
    Enjoyed sharing this garden time with you.
    Happy 4th of July!

  3. I always enjoy coming here and seeing your beautiful garden. It puts a smile on my face.

  4. Liz, how many years have you been in your home? We had gardens like yours back in Oklahoma. Can't wait to get back to that lush beauty that you have! You really are inspiring me. :)

  5. Hello Liz, loving the pretty pink color. Your gardens are so pretty and lush. All of your hard work has definitely paid off. You can some really cute garden accessories, even a pink flamingo. Happy 4th to you and Dan. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Your pink garden is so pretty, Liz. I've always loved your huge hostas in your garden. Love your spirea bushes and am sad I lost mine I had for years. I think a mole ate the roots.
    I remember your huge limelight from last year that will bloom later for you. The one I planted has grown so much which makes me happy. It is blooming well right now.
    I am so jealous of your peonies. They are so beautiful and the fragrance sounds wonderful.
    We had a storm last night and blew limbs and leaf tops of trees. I have a huge mess to clean up. It knocked out our internet last night and put me behind commenting.
    Your garden is always inspiring.

  7. Liz, your pinks are so well coordinated and so beautiful. Again, I love the delay in your region's bloom time as compared to.mine. I think the first flush of blooms are the absolute best, when it just bursts with color, including the grass growing at warp speed. Seeing yours is like seeing a spring encore. Love your new astilbe and those Asiatic lilies are gorgeous. Truly, it all is gorgeous.

  8. Oh Liz all your flowers are gorgeous. I love the pink peonies. Just lovely. Now that everything is in full bloom enjoy. We have such short growing season so I hope you can enjoy everyday with your beautiful garden. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Pretty and pink for sure! Everything is just stunning! I have one of those pink speedwells blooming now as well. I am going to check and see if that, Star of fire, I think you called it blooms in our zone. Always love hosting with you my friend!

  10. Hi Liz, sorry I'm so late joining today. It has been a hectic one. Anyway, love your pink garden. The peonies are stunning as well as that gorgeous Asiatic lily. Looks like you know exactly what grows well in your area. Good idea to put the cleome in a pot, I had some at one of our other houses and it seemed to take over the beds. Love your old wagon filled with begonias. Your spirea and hostas are doing great. So much work and such beautiful results.

  11. Your garden is blooming beautifully! You've done a great job & have quite the green thumb!

  12. Serious garden envy here! Love all your pinks especially your peonies. Mine didn't do much of anything here this year.

  13. What a delight. I'd kill for a garden to look that fabulous and I love all your pinks. The hostas are magnificent and it reminds me I have to divide my hostas at home to take up to the lake. I see you are in Traverse City. I summer in Gaylord on Otsego Lake, or I will as soon as our Baby Grand 2 is born -- any day now! I think I'll follow!

  14. Liz Absolutely beautiful!! Thanks so much for hosting this great party!!

  15. Your garden is just fabulous!!!I am enchanted with it!Thanks for hosting,hugs!

  16. Your garden areas are fabulous. And your peonies are absolutely gorgeous. I really need to add some to my garden.


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