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May 20, 2018

Tulips and Daffodils In my Gardens

To say I'm happy is almost an understatement!  Let's take  quick stroll and see my tulips and daffodils.

These daffodils look their best this year!  They are an apricot and soft white color.  

These are my favorite tulips!  They are called "Design Impression"

They kind of look like poppies on the inside!

I'm tickled these came back without something eating them!  I've had trouble with voles through the past several years and they can wipe you out.  

I like the way these look when they are closed up.  These are a Darwin Tulip.

These are a green and white tulips but are so pale they almost look yellow.  Last year these and the one below were mostly eaten by the voles so I only have a few but they should multiply as the years go by.

So far this delicate ruffled/fringe like tulip is the only one flowering but more are coming.
Update- This is called Apricot Parrot Tulip and this is a “link” in case anyone wants to know more about it. 

I found these blooming away in my "forgotten garden" area.  They are a very unusual tulip called Tulips Tarda.  I might dig these are replant them over by the lighthouse in back.  They can be used more effectively as a small accent even with a rock garden.  

This is a double daffodil.  

These are some daffodils over by the driveway that are starting to make a comeback after the voles went after them too!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed my spring tulips and daffodils!

Don't forget to join us this Friday May 25th for the Garden Party
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  1. Your tulips are just stunning Liz! I think the fringed one is my favorite. I need to find some of those.

  2. Your tulips are spectacular and so colorfully gracing your garden.
    Years ago 1980's I had a few fringed tulips and didn't know why they were
    not like the others. Our area had been overhead sprayed for med fly's.
    I assumed the chemical had retarded their growth. Now I know better.
    Will you be showing your fairy garden soon?
    Enjoy the last hours of the weekend:)


  3. Your tulips are outstanding, Liz. The fringed tulip is amazing. I'm going to try again with them in our brick planter. I'm hoping the voles will not be able to get them there. Enjoy your spring awakening. ♥

  4. Oh Liz, yay - spring has finally sprung for you!

    We went from snow to hot overnight I swear - our spring is flying past much too fast.

    Things are greening up nicely though and I am so so happy. Your garden flowers look lovely - and I am so glad your tulips weren't eaten. We gave up even trying - but daffodils deer don't like, so they did well this year. And each year since we planted them.


  5. They are all beautiful, but I'm partial to Design Impressions too. So pretty in your garden, do you cut and bring them in at a certain point? My problem is deer who think tulips are a salad bar. Daffodils they leave alone.

    1. Debbie, try buying cheap month balls at Walmart and sprinkling them around your flowers. Deer hate the smell and will leave your flowers alone. You'll have to replenish the month balls ever week or so, but this trick did work for us.

  6. Your tulips and daffodils are gorgeous! Aren’t all of the different varieties amazing? Just stunning! Thanks for sharing, Liz.

  7. So impressive and pretty. Tulips are so beautiful and graceful looking. I am so glad nothing has eaten them...so sad when they do. Onward to a beautiful summer.

  8. Liz, spring has definitely come to your garden! The tulips are stunning! Voles, chipmunks, and armadillos can wreak havoc on gardens!

  9. You have the prettiest flowers growing in your garden. The double one was incredible. I'm trying to turn my brown thumb green, but it's a hard process.


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