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May 18, 2018

Let's Go To Holland!

Holland, Michigan
that is!
Last week we made a trip and visited Windmill Island.

First before we actually head over to the island here are some pictures around the visitors center area.

This is a picture heavy post!

Probably the most popular color combo in tulips!

Ann odd angle but I wanted to capture all of these beautiful pink tulips.

I'm in love with orange this year!

Let's head over to the little island area.  Technically this was a peninsula but a canal was created around it with a bridge to cross over giving it a more authentic feel.  

Not my image but it's a great view.

I wish I could have caught her from the front.  Many of the employees are dressed in traditional Dutch clothing.  She doesn't have her wood shoes on but they do wear them (probably in one of her bags).  

The windmill is now over 250 years old and is known as "De Zwaan" (which means the swan or graceful bird) and was purchased from the Netherlands in 1964.  It was brought over by boat and reconstructed on the island.  A guided tour of the inside is offered but we didn't go in this time since we had done it previously.  I included two interior pictures below but they aren't one's I took.  There is more to the story about the windmill and how it was was acquired which you can read about it "here".

Wheat is ground using wind to power the mill.

These are called "snowdrops" (Galanthus)

The island hosts wedding and other events.  There is a bride being photographed off in the distance.  

Replicas of historic buildings found in the Netherlands 

Of course I had to visit the little shops.  I've been wanting to purchase some kind of Delft pottery so I wasn't leaving here empty handed!

My new Delft pottery vase with flowers from last week's tablescape.

While waiting in line to make my purchase I captured a picture of this young lady.  Both of these girls were the sweetest and though it was extremely busy they were very accommodating.

Well- we're on our way off the island now.

A little setting in a courtyard.  I liked how that one orange tulip was standing there being the center of attention!

Okay one last photo before we get to the parking lot!

Before we left Holland we stopped at Centennial Park.  I'll just share a few pictures.

I love this house!

Thanks for sticking through this long post and I hope you enjoyed it!
Goodbye for now from Dan and I!

Don't forget to join us this coming Friday May 25th with a garden post!

I've been busy potting and cleaning up in my gardens- can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to!



  1. What a lovely post on Windmill Island, Liz! Such beautiful flowers and scenery! I love how the snowdrop flowers look! It's one of the first flowers of late winter and early spring. I had seen pictures but never as a huge plant like this one. Quite unique! Thanks for sharing your fun outing!

  2. Loved Holland when we were there last month. They were just getting ready for the tulip season. Such a cute little town with lots of history. Loved seeing all your pics.

  3. What a most fabulous place!!!!...Truly a wonderland of tulips and magnificent gardens...and love, love your Delft vase!...Have a great weekend Liz!

  4. I didn't know this place existed, thanks so much for sharing! It's on my travel wish list.

  5. Thanks for taking me on a tour of a bit of my heritage - loved it! I've mentioned before that my Dad is from Holland and although I'll probably never get to go there, maybe I can one day make it to Holland, Michigan :) So enjoyed seeing the tulips, windmills and costumes!

  6. This place is magical. The flowers are so pretty. So much beauty to take in.I have never been, but I love what I am seeing.

  7. How cute is this place?! I love it all - flowers, cute buildings, traditional clothing! thanks for sharing!

  8. Beautiful! I think I need another road trip to your area.

  9. Wowza, wowza, wowza!!!! What a fun trip! I wouldn’t mind tagging along on that excursion! Everywhere you look...gorgeous! I’d be in hog heaven! That house you said you like, I like it a lot, too. Reminds me of our old neighborhood. There were loads of homes of that style there.


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