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March 12, 2018

Easter Decorating with Gingham

A few weeks ago I came across this chicks and egg set at T.J. Maxx.  I had my eye on one at MacKenzie Childs but the price pushed me away.  The picture on the table is from MacKenzie Childs and note the chicks and eggs are identical except for the way they are painted.  I had a desire to create the same look but I lack the talent to paint the eggs and imitate the courtly check look.  I had a few ideas running through my head (which included using mod-podge for fabric or somehow attaching ribbon) but I just couldn't get started.

I had given way to the idea of just using them as they are and set them up here on the top shelf of the etagere.  While having my morning coffee I glanced up and realized they needed to be up higher and then it came to me to build a platform for them.

I knew I had a foam block piece and decided to use some black and white gingham ribbon to wrap the edge of the foam with, but I also needed something for the top.   I went through my crafting supplies and decided on using this moss sheet.  
I know this is hardly a courtly check look but it was my way of adding in some black and white checks.

So that's what I came up with for my chicks and eggs to bring in a little MacKenie Childs influence. 

This could also have little flowers poked in and around it- which could still happen but for now this is  how it looks.

The wide ribbon came from Hobby Lobby

So here it is back on the etagere with the gingham touch for my MC influence!
I know it's quite different but I'm satisfied with my $12.99 purchase vs. their $88 asking price!

Here's a little more of the same influence...
I had also purchased a smaller roll of gingham ribbon and tied a bunch of bows to put on the tree for a little more of that MC design influence.  

I picked up a box of three of these curly sheep which I thought were too cute!

These are some curly sheep from Pier 1from several years back.

I spotted the eggs at Hobby Lobby one day and grabbed them up thinking I was going to use them for a vase filler but they ended up decorating my little tree nicely.

I really like the addition of the gingham ribbon and I'm enjoying my view at the window.

Easter Decorating with Gingham!



  1. Darling and clever to use of the checked ribbon to add the courtly look, Liz! I really like your sweet little curly lambs in the window sill. Along with your egg tree you have a lovely Spring view. ♥

  2. Looks great Liz and how smart of you to come up with a design that captured the MC vibe especially at such a much more reasonable price! Your Easter decorating is so festive and fun!

  3. Liz, you did a great job giving your creation the MC look at a fraction of the cost! I love all of your Easter decor...so perfect for the season!

  4. What a great job Liz. I like your chicks better than the MC ones. All your decor is so pretty and those white lambs just made me smile. Very nice.

  5. This is so pretty and I love the curly sheep! Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, and I hope your week is going great.

  6. Gingham...one of THE greatest patterns EVER in my estimation!!! It works year round, has far reaching capabilities, and is just pretty as heck! Black and white is my favorite hands down when it somes to gingham. Green & white, yellow & white, pink & white, red & white follow. Just cheerful...like the little chicks who look like a singing group in your creation!!!


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