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March 9, 2018

Weather's Artistry and Ready For Spring to Bust!

I looked out this morning and noticed what resembled a "sofa" out on the patio.  Some recent snowfalls have blanketed things once again.  We cover the garden benches with a canvas like cover and the big flower pot with a board to keep it empty which now looks like an end table!

I am so ready for spring I could bust!

The view from my kitchen area- snow snow go away, come again some other day (year)!

Speaking of ready to bust- do any of you remember last fall when I planted this very large pot full of tulips, daffodils and grape hyacinths?  (This is the link that shows what I did).  I had Dan bring it in from the garage last weekend and it only took a couple of days to start seeing some green.  I'm tickled that everything is growing (there was a risk that the bulbs could freeze out being in a pot vs. the ground).  

There are three layers of bulbs altogether (this is just one of them).  

Everyday more pops up and I'm anxious to see them start flowering!
I hope this goes well- there are a lot of bulbs in this pot!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh yes, I remember you planting these pots of bulbs. They are looking great! You really do have a lot of snow. As pretty as it looks, I'm sure you have spring fever. My daughter in New Hampshire got an additional 18 inches this week. She feels the same as you. We're having really cold temperatures now after our big tease a couple of weeks ago. Spring please come soon! ♥

  2. Your bulbs sprouting looks amazing, Liz! Seems like you had a great idea! Can't wait for the beautiful bloom show! How often did you water them out in the garage? I brought in a baby ornamental grass plant last fall thinking it wouldn't survive the cold. I had ordered lots of purple ornamental grass plant seeds and only one actually grew (online scam). I think I should have left it outside. It looks dead and I don't know if I overwatered it or didn't water it enough. I will plant it outside as soon as it's safe from frost and hope it comes back.

  3. Oh, Liz, you really are getting a lot of snow this winter! Spring has got to show up soon, though. Those bulbs are a wonderful idea! Please keep us posted on their progress. This might be a project for me next Fall. It would sure help to have some early bloomers!!

  4. Those bulbs are a sure sign of spring. I know they will look mbeautiful when they finally open. The snow is lovely, although I am sure you are tired of it all. It does make amazing shapes. Here’s to an early spring.

  5. I'm definitely ready for winter to be over too! Please show us your bulb garden as it progresses, I'm excited to see it. I tell myself every year that I'm going to do bulbs in a planter, but I never get around to it. Maybe this year.


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