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August 4, 2017

Shuffling the Kitchen Dining area

It's been raining on and off since yesterday.  Everything is soggy and there is more on the way so being outdoors isn't going to happen today.  We actually had a tornado touch down early evening yesterday about 20 miles away from us- some people shared images turned into the local tv station.

Compared to the monster twisters that happen in the south this was nothing but still scary. 

This was a tree toppling twister. 

Hubby left for work and I had a lot of energy (I'm a morning person) and decided I wanted to mop the floor-  next thing you know I've pulled apart the kitchen dining area.  I've had an idea for a while to move the kitchen table over closer to the corner but after trying it-  it didn't work out.  Since I had already pulled the etagere away I decided to give it a try on the other end of the wall.   Good thing too is that everything got dusted and wiped down and the floor got mopped!

I even tried my little table next to it to frame off the area but that looked dumb so that idea got axed.  I've always disliked this part of the house because of the traffic flow from the back slider sharing the area, plus there is the other side door that is so close by.

After a bunch of shuffling around I decided to give this layout a try.  I wonder how two of the etagere's would look flanking both sides? 

We'll see how this works out.  

I revamped the plate rack to continue on with the summer theme but just a little different from before. 
I refuse to do fall decorating until mid September though I will look at things for sale early on.  I want every day of summer to count! 

The old water pump plant stand and the plant stand for the Christmas cactus got moved into the corner.  The Christmas cactus spends time out on the deck in a shady area during the warmer months.

It's gotten a lot bigger and heavier! 

One thing I like already about this is that it does create a visual break from the the side door. 

I tested the chairs and there is plenty of room to get in and out just like before.  

All this really does is shift the visual weight of the etagere to the other side.  Our chandelier doesn't square up to the table because I have to keep the table shifted over enough to have the little black table against the wall. 

Well that's it on the inside for now!  Tomorrow we are planting 6 shrubs we bought yesterday to go next to the house by the driveway.  I'm thrilled- one more thing off the checklist for the outside.  The south side of the house is going to get updated too but that will be the removal of two old shrubs and splitting up some of my hostas to put there since it's all shade.  Planning that in late September. 

Have a wonderful weekend- ours will be comfy in the mid 70's.  More rain on Sunday!


  1. I hope it works out for you, Liz. I have had areas like that, too, that just drive me nuts getting them function AND look right, too. Seems if it functions well it doesn't look right and if it LOOKS right- it doesn't work! lol I think it look nice. I need to pull up my rugs in the sitting room and mop in there, too, and wondering if I should shift a few things around when I do that. Always something to mess with, isn't there?

    Raining here for the last two days and it is actually COLD here today...50ish right now here by the water. Too cold!

    Hope you have a great weekend- xo diana

  2. Oh my, I so understand the furniture shuffle thing. I have been doing that ever since we moved in here. Trying to find the right thing. This turned out looking really pretty, so great for a change.

  3. Oh yes, areas with two areas of access are difficult to decorate, or better, to re-decorate and move around furniture.
    I love the way you manage though; it came out so pretty and that plate rack is gorgeous too.
    We have a 45-50 weather here, so I sometimes feel like there's Fall right now and want to decorate with my Autumn color items and dishes, but I guess I will wait till Sept. too.
    Enjoy what's left of your summer Liz.

  4. It's always tough when you have an idea for so long and it turns out not to be what you had expected. But you've found another way to make it work and it looks great, Liz! Yes, I like savoring summer as long as I can and I'm so resisting fall! I use to get depressed about Fall but it doesn't affect me as much now since I've gotten older.

  5. I totally understand the whole furniture shuffle. It is really hard to get corner rooms just right. I like what you have done. I get like this with switching things up when I move everything to clean lol! It looks really great.

  6. Etageres flanking the plate rack WOULD look terrific! You bet! Question is, could you find a twin for the one you have? I hate it when I discover later down the line that I should have bought 2 of something. But it's fun to scramble furniture around to see what works! You are so good about doing that. I used to be. Would love to get those days back.


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