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August 6, 2017

Morning Gardens, Lilies and New Shrubs

I love to capture the flowers when the sun is out early in the morning.  The moments are brief so I have to act quickly.
These are flowers from various hostas that are in full bloom right now.  The hummingbirds fly in and out taking a drink but I have yet to capture one in a picture.  They're so quick to leave if they notice me.  Do you know that Hostas are a Plantain Lily?

Out on my hosta hill these giant hostas are blooming too.  

I cut them off once the blooms are spent.  This hosta is called Sum and Substance.  If you want an easy to grown giant hosta this is a good one! 

I had this blue metal chair on the deck and while having coffee one morning I decided it would look good on this corner by the pathway to the patio.  All the mulch is messed up from the rains we got.  The bricks were a base for the planter that was there with the caladiums.  

It's filled with double impatiens which look like little roses and some ivy.  There is a mini ceramic birdbath in the side of it which is constantly loaded with flower petals. 

It was pouring rain on and off the other day and I snuck out during a calm moment and snapped these pictures.   There are two daylilies I've been watching to see what they were because I couldn't remember what I planted!  

I finally found the tag and they are called Baja Daylily.  They're a pretty large flower on very sturdy stems.  They are described as red with deep yellow halos. 

A new flower a couple of days later.  Each year they get larger and produce more blooms.  The info I found on this indicates it's a good performer and should last many years. 

The weekend project!
Last weekend we pulled out some very tall slender junipers that had become a bit ugly.  These are two burning bushes we hadn't quite decided on what to do with but after the week passed I decided they were going to re removed too.  

We stopped in at a local garden/landscaping center and went touring ther grounds in a golf cart and I found these Viburnums called Blue Muffin.  They are a compact version of an Arrowwood Viburnum so they'll stay smaller and I should only need to trim them a bit to help with uniformity.

Dan lifted the plants out like before with the tractor and a log chain.  Turns out these were the toughest plants re removed lately!   They have some big woody roots and a lot of hairy roots. 

We quickly set them along the area to get a visual, then we measured and spray painted a circle around each one so we could remove them and get started with the digging. 

Our daughter was home over the weekend and wanted to join in which we appreciated!  

After they were in place and watered we put a nice layer of hardwood mulch down.  I'm excited about these and hope they do well.  The driveway is broken there too and we need to find out how much it will be to replace that area. The people that it the driveway in did a poor job.  For the most part it's held up but we've rep laced to large sections already.  

These are not edible berries except to birds and wildlife but they're a nice accent to see.  I also like how the leaves have a bit of a shine to them.

I'll trim the tall one there but for today this is how they look!  

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  1. Oh- Your new plantings look so nice!! I love the little berries, too.
    I did not realize that hostas were part of the lily family. I love the lushness of hostas and how quickly they can fill an area in and make it look established.

    Hope you have a great Sunday night- xo Diana

  2. Liz, I love your beautiful flowers. That hosta is very nice. I also like the new bushes .. I have a couple I'd like to replace also. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Today at breakfast, I watched hummingbirds competing for the deliciousness of my hosta blossoms and was so thankful for the view. This is such a beautiful time of year and your gardens are amazing!

  4. What beautiful gardens... I do enjoy hostas and their flowers... and for some reason they grow very well in my yard. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. :)

  5. I enjoyed the pictures of your garden. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. Liz, Dan seems to be a handyman like my hubby! You have stunning gardens that I know take a lot of time and energy. I have always been a fan of hostas, and you have some beauties. The lily is a showstopper! Thanks for sharing at Gardens Galore!

  7. I love it all, but I especially love the blue bench planter with the double impatiens. Another great makeover too. I need to start incorporating more shrubs into my gardens.

  8. I am loving the new viburnums you planted. The birds will love those berries. I am glad you have a tractor to yank out those bushes, they are really hard plants to get out. We had to use our truck years ago to yank out some Yews, their roots were as thick as my arm.


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