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June 26, 2017

Small Backyard Makeover

We made a trip to our daughter's on Saturday and helped her whip her small backyard into shape.  
 The previous owner had let the backyard get badly out of control so we came down armed with a weed whip and various other garden tools.

This first picture is how it looked before we started.  She had been waiting for us to come down since early May but we kept getting sidetracked with our own things at home and the weather.  After assessing it I told my husband to go after it with the weed whip!

He went around everything 3 times and we raked away the debris onto a tarp.  There were 5 hydrangeas hidden amongst all that.  After some fertilizing and keeping them well watered I'm sure they'll all look much better- especially next year.

This is a small city lot and the previous owner had set the yard up nicely but rented it for a while so it wasn't maintained.  No worries- we whipped it into shape again!

On the opposite side we did the same.  There are shrub roses on the right side that I shaped up- and then I went after this lilac topiary and shaped it back up too.

There were three hostas hidden too that are not visible and she can enjoy them better in the future. 

We made a trip to Lowes and got 25 bags of cypress mulch.  Our old van was loaded!

I made Dan takes breaks- he'll work himself to collapsing if I don't watch him!  Chelsea was doing her Princess Leia impression with Dan's ear muffs!  It was actually a perfect day for us- low 70's with a slight breeze. 

 Before any mulch went down we covered the bulk of the area with landscape fabric so all that nasty stuff won't come back up.  She doesn't have time to be a full time gardener so she wants it simple.

 Dan and I helped her get to this point and on Sunday she finished the other side.

This is a panoramic (makes it look bowed in the center but it's not) she took on Sunday after she used up all the mulch.  There is a wood deck that splits the two sides of the backyard.  She still needs a few more bags to fully finish it but I'm sure you agree it all looks much better now!

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  1. Liz, you and Dan really did whip up your daughter's garden! It's amazing all the wonderful plants you uncovered! And the yard looks really nice and inviting!!! Kudos for all the hard work!

  2. Wow, lucky girl, it looks beautiful now!

  3. It looks so nice, now she can enjoy her deck & bbq's
    Linda C

  4. Great job. It looks beautiful. It is so much more fun to do things together. I bet your daughter is so appreciative.

  5. Liz, I am sure your daughter thinks of you and your husband as her heroes. You saved that yard. It is so much nicer. Now it can be enjoyed as meant . Your hubby looks happy. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  6. wow...this looks amazing...your hard work transformed this back yard into an oasis!

  7. Wow! What a difference, Liz! Kudos to you and your hubby and daughter for really making her garden look pretty. What a surprise to discover the hydrangeas and the hostas! I love the panoramic; it really gives us an idea of the shape of her garden. She's a lucky princess to have parents as sweet and knowledgeable and hard-working as you!


  8. Wow! What an awesome transformation! Kiddos are so lucky to have your help. Great job! :-)

  9. Such a big difference with the weed wacking and mulch. You are such awesome parents to help your daughter out. Now, she has a pretty yard to enjoy.


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