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June 12, 2017

Planters in Bloom

I do a lot of flower planting in planters.  My logic is they don't get weeds!
I'm starting on the deck. I potted this planter using two perennials- an iris plant and a heuchera (coral bells) along with a mix of yellow and orange flowers.

This planter is still coming along- the petunias are just starting to spread and should look very pretty once it's really filled out. 

This is a "King Tut" grass with some sweet potato vine.  It will get a lot taller and wider as time goes by.  They need to be kept moist. 

I got this obelisk stand 20 years ago.  It's had some gazing balls and various different plants staged on it over the years but for some time it was in the storage not being used.  I pulled it out last year and it got a fresh paint job and now it's a feature piece.  I found the glass orb hanging piece at a garden center and it ended up working well to suspend from the top. 

Several of my planters got a paint job this spring.  I went with white after having mostly black and it's nice for a change.  These look like heavy iron planters but they're a lightweight composite material. 

I put white wax begonias in a circle around this purple fountain grass.  It's the first time I've ever made up this combo so we'll see how it goes! 

I love all the different types of salvia and verbena choices there are these days.  There is also a double flowering white bacopa that's on the other side.  I like how this looks old fashioned.  I plant things that hummingbirds and butterflies like!

Here is a view of the planters I have along this deck railing area.  I can view this from our kitchen dining area and my mind is always plotting up new ideas from there! 

I spoke about this trellis last week and how it was pulled out of storage and put back in circulation.  
I have lots and lots of hostas which do very well for me.

I enjoy garden art- whimsical things.  This little pig spins in the wind! 
I'm fond of pigs with wings 

This is a garden art pole my husband gave me at Christmas which is a triangular bed between the house and back patio area.   Each side of the art pole has different words and art work.

These hostas are still filling in.  I have a lot of shade so they grow well for me. 

This is another garden art piece- it teeter totters and swings around in the wind.  There's a hummingbird on one end and a crystal ball at the other.  I enjoy watching it! 
I'll wrap this up here and will return with more garden posts soon! 
Thank you for visiting and I look forward to everyone else's posts! 

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  1. Your container garden is stunning, Liz! Instead of a green thumb, you have green hands! You really know how to put together and grow the prettiest of flowers! Simply lovely!!!!

  2. Liz, What is your secret about hostas? I have a problem with insects on the light green variety. They don't bother my others as much! What fertilizer do you use to get such large plants?
    I love all your container designs. I think you have the right idea about containers that they don't get weeds!
    Your deck is stunning with gorgeous planters. I enjoyed all the vignettes everywhere.

    1. I sent you an email regarding my hostas- I hope you got it!

  3. I agree with you on using lots of pots and planters Liz. It's easier to maintain them. Your patio area is just so pretty. I know you enjoy the view just looking out at it as well as in it.

  4. Oh these all look so pretty. Love them. I need to work on creating a few planters around here.

  5. Liz, I am so glad you put the obelisk back into service...it is a stunning feature. I am also thrilled you did a post on container gardening...it is so helpful for people to see how much they can add to their outside spaces! Your combinations of plants are interesting and varied with color and texture. Containers offer a solution for those who want to garden but for whatever reason can't. Your hostas are beautiful and with the shade they obviously thrive. I have a few, but I don't have a lot of shade! You obviously have a "green thumb" ! Thanks so much for linking up with my first Gardens Galore! I will be letting you know about the next one.

  6. Beautiful planters Liz, and your yard is gorgeous!!

  7. Love the variety in your planters....so pretty. Your Hosta's are gorgeous too!

  8. Liz, I love your container choices! It's always fun to see what combinations work, isn't it (except when they don't, right!)? I didn't plant any potato vine this year, for the first time in many. I scaled back overall, but still enjoy my containers, just don't enjoy the neediness of watering. That obelisk stand is nice! Love the hanging glass orbs and coordinating color of the pots. Thanks for sharing. I lvoe seeing each gardener's creativity!
    Rita C at Panoply

  9. Liz, your planters are beautifully planted. I especially like the blue and white combination you featured. All of your whimsy adds so much charm to your garden. Your gardens are so pretty. The obelisk is so unique and so nice with the plants and the orb feature on top. I always enjoy seeing your creativity. ♥

  10. Hi Liz, Your planters are beautiful. Everything in your garden is always an inspiration. All looks so lush and healthy. You truly are an excellent gardener. I love the obelisk on your deck. The hanging ornaments are perfect with it. Your words sign is a nice accent. I wish Hosta's would do well here. They are good in the spring then it gets too hot. Thanks for sharing your beautiful outdoor spaces!

  11. I so enjoyed the art you added to your garden - pretty or whimsical or both! I think these touches always tell something about the gardener.
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  12. Everything looks beautiful and so lush. All of that rain did wonders here too. Lots of color to enjoy. Whimsical planters are so fun. Loving your cute arbor.

  13. I love all your plant combinations and planters! Your hostas are so beautiful and lush! Do you have any tips for keeping the slugs away from them? I love your obelisk, what a handsome piece to enjoy with pots or in a bed and the hanging orb is perfect for it.

  14. Liz, your gardens are simply stunning! Thanks for sharing them with us!!

  15. Liz, your planters are going to be gorgeous when they fill out! I have alot of planters as well and it's my morning ritual to water them. Thank goodness my little granddaughter did it for me when we were gone. Your garden is always beautiful. Love your hostas! I love them in my garden as well.

  16. Love your post...I live in a flat and my"garden" is made with a lot of planters!Thanks for sharing!Hugs,Maristella.

  17. Your container gardens are so varied and beautiful. I adore the obelisk. Keep it out of storage - it's a winner.

  18. Liz, your container gardens are just beautiful! They add such beauty to your patio. Happy Tuesday!!!

  19. Your hostas are a dream! I enjoy planter gardens, too, and yours are spectacular!

  20. I really loved looking at all of your pretty planters...and those hostas! What a beautiful deck you have, and I've gathered so many ideas from your post! I came over from Pam's Gardens Galore link party!

  21. Beautiful planters.

    I think I need to buy some hostas.

  22. Everything is so pretty, Liz. I just love your garden. I know you spend a lot of time woking there and it pays off...Christine

  23. Lovely! I have a lot of pots as well. My hostas are filled in nicely and preparing to bloom.

  24. Loving your containers Liz, the King Tut is one that I am now noticing at Garden Centers in my area and I may have to try it out. it looks wonderful.

  25. Container gardening is my favorite way to garden is so much easier than trying to get it right in a bigger space. As for hostas, they are the best because they just keep coming back year after year and demand little attention other than appreciation


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