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March 31, 2017

My Big Day and Weekend

Last week I shared that I was celebrating my 60th Birthday
Well as it turns out when we headed downstate to have dinner and see the family my husband had been up to making behind the scene birthday party arrangements!

We arrived at the restaurant and I walked into a very unexpected surprise birthday party!  Some cousins, sisters, my kids and grandson were all there! 

After I got done welling up with emotions I took a few pictures.

Our son, wife and grandson came in from Pennsylvania which was the biggest surprise! 

Our grandson made the rounds- he was intrigued with Uncle John's hairy beard!

The food was wonderful- steak, seafood, pasta- all delicious!

After we ate we went to my Mom's house.  My sister Jen and daughter Chelsea had helped Dan set  some of this up.  The cake came from a local bakery and was a creation based on flower pot idea I had shared with Jen a while back.

The top was loaded with flowers over 3" deep and the cake was a delicious lemon flavored cake with lemon mousse.  

Jen had set the table up with copies of pictures with a "Through the Years" theme of me.  The picture I am holding is from a family trip back in the early 1960's when we visited the hometown of my Dad in Calumet, Michigan.  Jen and I were standing by the little town sign.
My 94 year old mom and our 6 month old grandson!   

My sister's and I ages 60 to 74!
We always take some kind of group photo.

The next morning I went through mom's linen drawer and decided to put a blue theme table together. I couldn't find the Easter deco so this was the best I could come up with.   I would liked to have filled the glass handled candy dish with faux Easter eggs and added some candy to the little crystal candy dish.

I found this starched hat that was laying in the extra bedroom and propped it up as though it was an Easter bonnet!

We drove home on Saturday and the kids stayed through Tuesday morning.   They brought this new seat that you strap to a chair which worked out great. 

I forgot to take a picture before we ate but we had delicious steaks grilled outside, mashed potatoes and a big salad.  We shared a bottle of wine too!  That tablecloth is from Pottery Barn this year.  It washed up afterwards beautifully! 

Joey has learned to boost himself  up and roll over.  He has cut one tooth and a 2nd is nearly through. He wants something to chew on all the time.  He's handling it pretty well.

Getting him relaxed for bed. 

I love this face! 

These are some flowers that were on the coffee table at my Mom's that my daughter brought.  I left a half dozen at Mom's and took the rest. 

Well that's a wrap of my 60th Birthday party and weekend!


  1. I've enjoyed seeing your wonderful celebration, Liz! I know you are basking in the surprise. The cake is just spectacular and so appropriate for a gardener. Have a wonderful day. ♥

  2. How fun to have such a wonderful surprise birthday. Looks like you had a great time.

  3. Happy belated birthday Liz! You've captured all the "special-ness" of your birthday celebration with your lovely pics and I enjoyed seeing them. For sure, being with family is often the best gift of all! Hope your 60's are fun and exciting!

  4. Congratulations! It looks like a very nice time was had by all! Your cake is a piece of art. I bet it was hard to cut into it!! Have a great weekend, and happy 60! Rosie

  5. Happy Birthday Liz! What a wonderful surprise dinner and a beautiful cake too!

  6. It looks like you celebrated in style, Liz! Happy, happy birthday, lady!!

  7. What a wonderful 60th birthday celebration with family, Liz! Your cake is amazing and the pictures are so awesome! They certainly capture all the family love! Thanks for sharing this special day with us! It's as if we are there, too! Glad you had such a fantastic time! Happy Birthday, Liz!

  8. What a wonderful, wonderful surprise, Liz. I love that your family was all there including the baby. That cake is a miracle of beauty. It is almost too pretty to eat. I am guessing you are the baby in the group then with the age spread you gave? I always wished I had a sister but did have one wonderful brother instead.

    I love my 60s and I bet you will, too. xo Diana

  9. Happy birthday, Liz!

    What a wonderful family gathering you had for your big day! The pic of you and your sisters and your mom are lovely. Judging from that scrumptious looking cake, 60 can be just as sweet as 16! Enjoy!


  10. It all looks like a lovely birthday celebration Liz. To have all of your family together is priceless. Love the beautiful cake. Your grandson is so sweet. he is growing so fast. Love this post! Enjoy your sixties....LOL

  11. Hi Liz, what a great birthday surprise. I love seeing pics of you and your dear family. The baby is so cute. What a little darling. Your cake was incredible. WOW I love it.
    Enjoy the new year ahead with health, happiness and lots of love.

  12. What a wonderful celebration you had! Looks like it was great fun. Beautiful cake! Take care. Maria

  13. Happy 60th...I just recently turned 61 - Looks like you had a super wonderful birthday celebration. That cake was so pretty.

  14. Oh Liz, Hapoy 60th Birthday to YOU!! What a wonderful surprise you had in store with everyone coming to celebrate your birthday. That cake is absolutely stunning!!!! It's almost too pretty to slice, but I'll bet it was fabulous. I hope you have a great year!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday, Liz!! What a terrific surprise birthday party! Your grandson is just precious, and how nice to have your whole family there. Your meal sounds delicious, and that is a BEAUTIFUL cake. :)

    Happy 60th!


    Denise at Forest Manor


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