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March 2, 2017

A Giraffe Celebration! (T)

Have you heard about April?  She's a Giraffe at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York that has received a lot of attention recently!  I first became aware of the buzz about April at the end of last week through Facebook.  The hype is about the fact that she is about to give birth and there is a live camera in her pen 24 hrs. a day.  It's been absolutely crazy the amount of people following this story (including me).  It's a unique chance to watch her along with Oliver the bull/father during this special time.  You can see them on the official link on YouTube "here" and their official page on Facebook "here".

 I knew I had some giraffe chargers and decided I'd do a tablescape for April!  These two bronze cranes reminded me of the graceful long necked giraffes so they became the focal point of the table.

Throughout the past week I've enjoyed watching them moving about, laying down and craning their necks way around to their backsides.  They seem like very sweet and tender creatures.  This is Oliver and April in their indoor pens.  Oliver is too rough to be allowed in with April (especially when so near her delivery date) so they are kept separate yet right next to each other because giraffe's like to keep close company.  Oliver is 5 yrs. old and April is 15 yrs. old.  This will be her 4th calf.

 So these are the giraffe chargers.  I decided to use green as an accent since giraffe's primarily feed on vegetation in the wild.  I've seen the caretakers at the zoo give her lettuce and carrots as treats and she loves them!

 I layered a translucent white glass plate on top so the giraffe pattern would still show through.

 I added the green cabbage plate to further represent the vegetation they eat.  I wanted this to be a bit feminine and have some pretty bling for April!

The orange flower napkin rings pick up on some colors of the flowers in the vase.  We'll pretend that they are eating in the wild from the acacia trees!

 April deserves a bouquet of flowers!  Her calf will be at least 6 ft. tall at birth and weight approx. 150 lbs!  15 months of gestation!  I think she deserves a lot of treats!

 Perhaps some champagne to celebrate the birth!

Join the fun and follow along.  She's due any day and there will be a contest to name the new calf soon after.  

I'll be joining:


  1. OK, this is SUPER creative!!!!! Way to work it, girl! Those chargers are exquisite!!! I would wear those things out!!!!!!!! Still waiting for April to drop. Hope it soon!

  2. What a beautiful table to celebrate April!!!....Love those chargers!

  3. Hi Liz, what a beautiful table setting in tribute to the mother to be, April. Love the chargers and your addition of green is beautiful.
    Hope the big event is soon. Have a great weekend ahead. xo

  4. Hi Liz,
    Love the chargers and love that you are watching sweet April as she gets ready to become a new mom.
    I love giraffe's they are such gorgeous creatures. Thanks for the link.

  5. Giraffes are my favorite animal after my pups. I have those green plates and love them. Your table looks fabulous. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I haven't heard about April, what a sweet story! Your giraffe chargers are fabulous, I just love animal prints- what fun to do a table to honor Oliver and Aprils calf, love the addition of champagne. Giraffes are fascinating creatures!

  7. Very sweet post. I hadn't heard of April, but now you have peaked my interest. They look so cute together. April definitely robbed the cradle....lol. Your tablescape is fun and full of whimsy. Cute chargers and those awesome cranes. A pretty tribute.

  8. You found the perfect chargers! My grandchildren are watching for the baby giraffe too. Your greens are a great complement to the theme. It all makes a nice festive table.

  9. Thanks for the links Liz, I hadn't heard of April and what fun to do a table in celebration! I love those chargers and your pretty green layering on the table. Beautiful bouquet too :)

  10. Oh Liz this is beautiful! Those cranes look very regal on your table. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great weekend.


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