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December 14, 2016

Kitchen Dining Decked Out For Christmas

 Welcome to Christmas in my kitchen dining area.
It's loaded with all sorts of Christmas accents.  I love to do seasonal decorating in this area.  

 I put these plates (Pier 1) up on the plate rack but you couldn't see the images very well and I liked these so much I decided to set them up on the little console table instead.  The pair of little antlers were sold in the ornament section at JoAnn's and ended up being accent here.  The little trees came from a store up north of us in Bellaire.

 Some of you that follow me saw this little wood truck I bought a while back.  I added some sparkle to the fenders to look like ice.  I found the little Santa mail box and the snowman at T.J. Max recently.  They all seemed to work together nicely here. 

Instead of the salad plates in front of these tartan dinner dishes I placed red cups.  I had  picked up some ornaments from Pier 1 and cut off the string and popped them inside the cups.

 I ended up liking this look better than what I had started with.

 Down below is a little wood sleigh with a bundle of wood sticks from T.J.Maxx.  The reindeer came from JoAnn's and I popped in a bottle brush tree in the back.  I wrapped a pine garland around the base to dress it up.  I tried the slgith in about 4 places before it landed here.

 I usually put a wreath at the bottom of the chandelier and dress it up with ornaments but it tends to cut down on the light available to the table so I thought I would try something different.  I had these jingle bell garlands so I dressed it up with them and I have a bunch of these little boxwood wreaths that I hung on there too.  The little tartan dogs were on the wreath last year and I just popped them on the arms of the chandelier for color and cuteness! 

 These are links to previous years and how I decorated it- it's always fun to do! 
2015  2014  2013  My favorite-2012  2011  2010

 My amaryllis are growing real fast now. I put three big bulbs in one pot and was hoping for all of them to bloom at once, but I think it will be more sequential!  My Christmas cactus is starting to bloom now too with m any more flowers to come!

I bought the basket at Terrain at Thanksgiving time and went to the garden center and got a real nice white poinsettia.  I have so much red I decided to switch to white.  I should put a small wreath around the base of the basket.  This is the water pump plant stand that my father in-law made for my mother in-law a long time ago.  I did a post about it as seen"here".

I caught this picture when the sun was out last week.  

The top of the Etagere is dressed with a garland loaded with fruits and an Old World Santa starts this village like setting on the shelves I've created.

 Santa is working his way into the chimney.  The little cottage awaits their gifts!

 The cardinals are pecking around looking for their seeds but they seemed to be in a landscape of jingle bells!  There are 4 of them in there- can you see them all?

A cardinal candle lights the lantern in the snowy path of pine cones.

 This wooden bowl has a green candle ring with a tree set in the center.  I added the red winter berries and gold garland.

I spotted this bowl at T.J. Maxx a couple of months ago and liked it immediately because of the branch like handles that are adorned with oak leaves and acorns.

 I picked this card holder up last year at Kohls. It gets pretty full by the time Christmas comes.

 I spotted this red wreath hanger at Michael's I believe and the hat I had from before and just tossed it on the hook!

This year at Lowe's they had these felt door hangers.  There were 4 styles and we chose this because of the white color.  I mounted it on the storm door and it allows you to see the entryway door behind it which is a deep red.  It's really cold out so you'll have to see it from the inside!  The door steamed up the second I opened it.  There are stars that hang from it and show up better on the outside.

In the kitchen I made up this little candy cane station. The cups are nearby and so is the hot chocolate, tea or coffee.  The candy canes can be swirled in a hot drink to add a little peppermint twist to a drink!   See the glass plate in the background- I found that at the same store in Bellaire.  I love all these cars and trucks with the Christmas trees this year!  The little mug is a candle and the pine cone S&P shakers work well for nutmeg and cinnamon that can be added to Eggnog or your other hot beverages.  The Pottery Barn sleigh was a gift from the kids a few years back.

Well I hope those of you who have been following my tour of the house this holiday season have enjoyed it!  I know I've been having fun visiting blogs and seeing the holiday decorating out there in blog land!  

As you can see we've been getting snow here and it's very pretty.  It certainly makes things feel like Christmas around here!

I hope to take some better pictures of our outside lighting. 
Thank you again for following along!


  1. It all looks very festive, Liz. I love the photo of the snow. It looks so like Christmas. xo

  2. Liz, everything is beautiful! Your kitchen is a Christmas wonderland. Even the garage is ready for Christmas. It's magical!

  3. Everything looks so festive. Love what you've done!!

  4. Beautifully done Liz. I adore the snowman you picked up


  5. You have some of the cutest decor items. Love the animal plates, top hat, and all the rest. I spotted snow!

  6. I agree with everyone above, Liz. Your home looks beautiful! You do have lovely Christmas items and you know exactly what to do with them. Your snow looks so pretty! I love the tartan plates and the cute little doggies dressed in plaid on the wreath. I was inspired by your chandelier yesterday and have a wreath on mine now. Still trying to decide if I want anything else on it. You are right it does block the light from the fixture, but I kinda like it. Have a warm cozy evening. ♥

  7. Liz-Everything looks just beautiful. It is so very pretty-even the garage looks festive with the lights inside shining out. Love your Santa working his way into the chimney..and the little tree in the wood bowl. You have done such a nice job getting ready for the Christmas Season, Liz. xo Diana

  8. Love those darling plates. I would stand them up too. So festive and cheerful. the wood truck is the cutest and reminds me if the red truck from Target. Gotta love your cute Santa.

  9. What a great idea on the chandelier. I have noticed the same thing, that the greenery cuts off the light, but these darling wreaths are so unusual and charming and they let the light in. Every nook and cranny has something fun and festive to look at! Fun tour.

  10. I loved seeing this, you have a beautiful decorating touch. I love anything with added snow. Just not outside;):) However, yours looks so pretty and very Christmasy!

  11. You sure do have the knack for decorating. Your colors and theme are similar to mine! Merry Christmas Liz to you and yours!


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