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January 13, 2015

Dining Table Back to Normal

 I said before my dining table had become my work station while I was undoing the Christmas decorations. I finally got it cleared and was anxious to try out this new tray from Pier 1 that I picked up back before Thanksgiving. 

 I relocated the floral arrangement from the living room.

 I love the finish on this. I think it has a romantic old world appeal.

I needed a color pop and I like the red mixed with the ivory florals.  There are some burgundy undertones too that mix well with the tray coloring.

I had two extra spheres that I wasn't able to use with my recent post "Coffee Table Vignette" that wouldn't fit in the glass vase so I decided to set them here along with the tassel and a couple of crystal candlesticks.

I am still using the little French inscribed rug accent.  I showed it first on this "post".  

It feels good to get the house back to normal and to try out some new ideas!

I'm joining 
Ivy and Elephants 

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  1. Liz I LOVE the french script accent rug as your runner!! Your table looks so pretty!

  2. I'm also back to normal.
    I'd already taken the tree down a few days after Christmas - it was messing with the air conditioning set and we're having a too cold Winter to take chances - but last weekend I put everything away. Until next year. And yes, it's a good thing to see your ?normal" stuff again and plan new ideas.
    Lovely Setting in your dining table. Romantic and Elegant.
    Take Care,

  3. Liz,
    A very tranquil centerpiece for your dining room table, dear friend!!!
    I'm quite smitten with your tray, as well!!!
    I, too, am using white florals throughout the upper level.
    I feel it helps our gray overcast skies that are ever present this time of year.
    Looking forward to more of your Traditional styling @ Infuse With Liz!!!

  4. Your home always looks so neat and pretty. Love the vignette in the tray. Very nice!

  5. Hi Liz, your table is gorgeous. Lovely vignette!! Your style is so classy!!

  6. Very pretty table Liz! The house always looks so bare after the Christmas decorations are put away and it's nice to set out some "new" things.

  7. Love your new tray Liz! My dining room table was Christmas undecorating headquarters too - it feels good to have it all back to normal, doesn't it?!

  8. Liz,
    Your home is so tranquil, peaceful and charming. I love your traditional style and your pier one tray and
    Centerpiece pull it all together beautifully.

  9. That looks very pretty, Liz. it is kind of nice to get back to NORMAL after all the decorating, isn't it? I love the way you have pulled everything together. xo Diana

  10. Liz, the table looks beautiful and I love the tray!...I still have three trees to undress and put away...being out of town lately has not given me much extra time!...Hopefully done by this weekend!

  11. I bet you are so happy your decorations are put away and you have clean slate for decorating. The table looks pretty with your new tray and accessories.

  12. Liz, the tray is beautiful and so is that vase. I have the Christmas décor put away, but I still have some of the every day décor on the dining table. I can't figure out where all of this stuff was placed before I put out the Christmas décor! I need to open a store.

  13. Lis, your table vignette is beautiful! Love that vase! It is kind of nice to have the house back to normal, although it feels quite empty. :)

  14. Hi Liz,

    Your pretty dining table vignette brought a smile to my face. The lovely flower arrangement is perfect and like you said, plays off the rich, red tones of the tray, which is such a unique looking piece. Thanks for sharing and wishing you a lovely weekend!


  15. Wow, Liz, the arrangement is just gorgeous! Looks like a shot right out of a decor magazine.
    Neat tray and the pop of color is just perfect.

  16. Beautiful Liz! But I'm in love most with that unique vase you have!

  17. Liz, you you are so right, after the holidays all I want is my home to feel like it's easier to live in. Your table looks stunning and that tray is a keeper. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us this 2015



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