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November 18, 2014

WWW- White Winter Wonderland

Seems like I haven't got much to talk about except the weather! 

 A few days ago I took a some pictures as the morning was progressing.  

 This is our fire pit filling up with snow.  The white shows off the design that is cut into it.  We bought this from a local guy who is recycling propane tanks into these fire pits.  This one is nearly 4 foot across!  We decided to go with this up north kind of look and had pine trees and moose cut into it.  They use a torch to cut the tank and to cut out the designs.  Before long it will disappear in the snow until next spring.

The view has changed (slightly) from a few weeks back when it looked like this

 I prefer this view but we are forced to go through the inevitable winter so I just have to re-focus my mind to the indoors. 

I opened the slider door to take pictures.  This is Teddy's first winter.  He stands safely back from the door opening but was curious about it all.   I definitely don't have to worry about him bolting out the door!

 Early this morning (Nov.18)  The sun was just coming up and working on breaking through the cloud cover.  They are talking a small warm up this coming weekend so I'm hoping this will melt down a bit. 

 This was Nov. 7th  Do you see the burlap wrapped shrubs? We find some of the shrubs do better if they are protected from the harsh temps and winds through the winter

The sun is dotting in and out (yay)!  The succulents were brought in from the deck at the end of the growing season.  They should be able to survive although they are already getting leggy.  

I'm tickled that the Christmas Cactus is developing buds.  Looks like I will have flowers in December!

My everyday table setting now includes two amaryllis I started.  The one on the left is growing like crazy.   They took right off as soon as I planted them- I guess they were more than ready!  

The tall one will be a mixed light green with red veining called "Magic Green" and the other one will be solid white with a green center called "Wedding Dance".  I usually go with the classic red but I decided to try something new!  I got mine at a local garden center (not a big box store). 

I broke out this "Winter Woods" candle that I bought in August and it smells divine!  My house smells like a pine tree forest.  I'm in the office and I can smell it from here!  I didn't even know Colonial Candle made these jar candles.  I have another one called "Indian Summer" that I've been burning since September.  They are long lasting.  They sell them direct from their on-line web site too which I just discovered.

I'm dreaming about Christmas decorating but will refrain from putting any out until Thanksgiving has passed.  I have picked up a few small items for the season but that's only because if you don't grab it when you see it you'll loose it!

 A small glint of one of my ideas that is formulating for my kitchen area!

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  1. So lovely!
    Thank you for sharing,

  2. Liz, your winter wonderland photos are beautiful. We just had a dusting of snow; but, it is long gone now. It looks like your Christmas cactus is going to gift you with a special treat!

  3. I love seeing the Winter Wonderland outside your home, but everything looks extra cozy on your side of the glass. :) I have one of those Colonial Candles, too; I received it as a gift last year. I'm looking forward to decorating for Christmas, as well, Liz. It always arrives so quickly these days.

    Thanks for sharing; I enjoyed your post!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. Teddy's got a lot to look at. Should keep him entertained during the winter. :-) I love the contrast of the two window views with the rooster on the window sill. Have a warm and cozy day!

  5. Beautiful pictures Liz Our snow didn't last very long at all but, now the yard is covered in leaves. Thank you stopping by my blog.

  6. Forgot to tell you, I love your new blog design!

  7. Hi Liz, what a pretty winter wonderland. Your pics are beautiful and I can't wait to see your home decorated.
    Enjoy and stay warm!!

  8. Your snow pictures are beautiful. I'm going to hold off until the day after Thanksgiving to begin my Christmas decorating as well this year. I'm trying not to rush my favorite holiday and appreciate all that Thanksgiving is and means.

  9. I'm glad you're able to just go ahead and embrace the snow and accept that it is what it is! Snow is beautiful to look at, especially with all those lights in your garden terrace area.

    Hooray for your amaryllis plants! I've never forced bulbs. I'm not very good about keeping indoor plants alive for more than a minute. :-(

  10. So beautiful Liz. The snow looks so serene. Your views have definitely changed. I always wonder why so people choose to live where it is so cold and lots of snow. It can be quite lovely, however it can always turn messy. I like a little bit of snow. We can always drive up the mountain for more when we want some. Stay warm. Thanks for sharing your Winter wonderland.

  11. It looks like you have a beautiful view throughout the year, Liz! I know I complain about the snow just as much as the next person, but I do have to admit I love the way it looks. I just don't like driving in it! : ) Yours looks really pretty. We are expecting rain throughout the weekend and temps in the low 50's so I expect ours will be gone by Monday. (Fingers crossed!)


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