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November 6, 2014

Speaking of setting the mood!

Once again I have to thank Linda from Life and Linda for creating another new look for me. 

I was in the mood for something warmer in color and I like animal prints so I suggested a leopard print.  I am part Swedish and I got it in my head to use some lions since lions are found all around Sweden and are part of their coat of arms.   I think she did a beautiful job for me and I love it!


I've been laid up with a back issue this week and haven't been visiting many blogs.  I found out my issue is a sacroiliac problem and have been going to my chiropractor for treatments.  I am starting to get some relief and very thankful for it. 

 Now that I look back I can see a few things that had been going on that led up to this. I've been chewing myself out for this because I could have avoided going through this traumatic experience had I been taking better care of myself.
I can't sit very long or walk a lot without limping because this pain in my lower side has been quite tender and the nerves have to calm down.  

I never used to believe in chiropractic care until my husband went through quite a problem with his back, which turned out to be a ruptured disc.  After he recovered from surgery he started regular visits to the chiropractor.  I finally had a back problem which led me to give it a try and was very pleased with the outcome.  I quit going and this past spring I developed some odd issues which varied from it hurting to walk, my knee started to hurt and I'd get into these bouts of lower back pain that were annoying.
Anyway I firmly believe I could have avoided this if I had kept up with some regular visits.  The kind of chiropractor I go to is considered a low force low impact chiropractor.  No bone crunching or heavy manipulation.
Well this was a different post but that's about all I have to offer today!


  1. Glad you're on the mend, Liz! Back problems can be everlasting with some folks. Love your new look! It's rather regal looking despite the animal print (which I love).

  2. Thanks so much Liz for sharing your new blog look. I appreciate the pointer and it was really fun to design. Something totally different than you usually go for. I love the regal look and the shield. Get well soon! That means resting and not trying to do things.....Hugs

  3. Love your new look Liz! Linda did a spectacular job in capturing the essence of YOU :-)

  4. Your new look is so fun, Liz! I'm sorry you've been in pain. I just returned from being with my parents during and after Mom's hip replacement surgery last week. I hope you don't have to go that route. Yay for the helpful chiropractor visits!

  5. Hi Liz, love your new blog look and the animal print is awesome. Linda does a beautiful job and so talented.
    Sure hope your back feels better soon and so glad the chiropractor can help. Take good care and have a nice weekend.
    Hugs and Blessings.

  6. Your blog looks really nice, Liz. Linda does wonderful work and now I can just about pick out the blogs she has helped with. It looks GREAT!
    I am so sorry about your back. If your back is bad your whole life is restricted because it is hard to do anything. Hoping you are much better soon. xo Diana

  7. Looks great, Liz!!!! Linda is amazing!!!!! I hope you get some relief.

  8. Boom chick-a-wow-wow!!!!!!! This is a sweet new look! Grrrrrrrrrr!!! Very cool!

    I'm so sorry you and I are in the Bad Back Club together. I guess we need to come up with a slogan and a mascot? :-)

  9. Liz, I hope you are on the mend. Thank you for your visit. I had so much fun Bundting! xo


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