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November 12, 2014

Sunny morning- wintry weather!

November greetings!!
 The sun made an appearances in between the clouds this morning. 
We're all buttoned up here for the winter and the landscape looks completely different than it was only a month ago.  

As you can see winter like weather has already hit our area.  Thank goodness we don't live a bit further north because they got 9" in some areas!  Way too early for that kind of nonsense!!

Those pots are going inside this weekend.  I was dragging my foot on letting go all the way!  Some of the oak and beech trees are still hanging onto their leaves.  

 I cut back all my hydrangeas and I even shortened up my spireas.  I hope they'll bloom next year- some bloom on old wood and some on new.  All the small odds and ends have been put away. 

 Dan cut wood pieces to fit the pots.  It's a marine grade plywood which will last for many seasons.
I took these pictures last week before the snow came.

 The fountain all prepped (I think it looks like the Command Module from the old Apollo spacecrafts!)

I hope you are ready for winter!


  1. I'm certainly not prepared for YOUR winter ahahahah
    We're still on the Autumn mayhem phase: strong winds, lots of rain and then - I hope! - it will calm down to chilly and bare.
    I still have roses in the garden, can you believe it?
    There's so much Beauty in your Sleeping Garden.
    Take Care. Do Rest and Enjoy indoor.

  2. It is becoming colder here too, but no snow and I hope it stays away for some time. We don't have snow every winter, last year we had not any snow but the years before lots of it. So, always exciting what happens. Anyway, your garden is definitely prepared for winter. Your garden has gone to sleep and you can enjoy your time indoors in front of the fire.

  3. Liz, It always seems sad to put the garden/patio away for the winter. Your trees still will look nice during winter months. I hope you have enjoyable days. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Wow. What a difference a few weeks makes. We had our first frost this week. We even have snow in the forecast for the morning! Winter is early this year. I'm over it already! Lol

  5. I am not quite ready yet, Liz. I still have a couple of things to get put away. I really have no help here when it comes to getting things done. I finally called the lawn guy and asked him to come do final cleanup for me. He is going to- I just can't get it done this year by myself.

    Your place looks totally different but the truth is -it is still pretty. xo Diana

  6. Hi Liz, your winter garden is pretty with the fresh white snow. I am not ready and although we won't see snow like this, we are already cold and I am freezing. We still have outdoor clean up to complete and we plan to finish this weekend. I guess we will bundle up and get it done!!

  7. You have everything cleaned up well. I do that also but unfortunately all the neighbors Silver Maples just finished dropping their last leaves so hopefully it warms up enough one day that I can vacuum one more time.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. Love the light through the trees....


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