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July 10, 2014

Updated Plate Rack and Wall...again :-)

Just another tweak on the wall by the kitchen dining table. 

 When I created my "Let's Here it for the Red, White and Blue" tablescape this basket was used for my centerpiece.  I finally decided on a spot for it. 

  A left view...

A right view...

My little wall vignette....

 I tweaked the plate rack and added my dough bowl with a bunch of lavender.  I wrapped raffia around it to cover the rubber band it came with.  I recently saw a few posts with lavender in them which reminded me of this bunch I bought at the Farmer's Market last October and forgot about.  I used my sunflower pitcher next to it because it offers a similar warm coloring like the dough bowl. 

 The Polish Pottery honey and jam pots are up on the 2nd shelf.   I centered the metal tray and one salad plate instead of the off centered look it had before.
 I moved the sugar and creamer up to the top and added two wine glasses. 

 It's tricky to work with those bars on the front.  It hides things if their short.  I've noticed that some plate racks have the plates leaned forward using that bar as the retainer. 
 I found these examples but the rail is much higher than mine.
I did try a plate tipped to the front like in these pictures, but it lays over too far and you can't see much of the plate.  I guess mine is mainly decorative!

I'm looking for something to go on the right above the wheat, but I haven't found it yet.
 So for now this is how I've got it!  If you know me you know it will change...again...!! 
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  1. Your hanging shelf is very attractive. I've never understood the plate racks that require the plates to lean forward. ;-)

  2. Ok, I LOVE that hen on her nest in the wire basket, and how great she looks with your other wall accessories. Your décor on the plate rack looks so pretty, and I have the same problem with one of my plate racks. It can be frustrating. Have a great weekend. laurie

  3. This is a cool change, Liz! Hey...I have a suggestion that you might try for that plate rack to lean the plate(s). Install a temporary (or permanent if you like) "stump" closer to the edge. You could then lean the plate and I think it wouldn't lean down so far. That's just a theory. Maybe worth a try. The "stump" wouldn't be seen because it would be hidden by the plate. It could be made out of wood or even something as simple as one of those rubber feet you buy in the store to deep stuff from moving/damaging your furniture. I don't know...it might work!

    LOVE the chicken basket on the wall!!! That looks great!

  4. Love it all Liz...like Alycia's suggestions...looking for a galvanized wall bucket...love yours!


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