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July 15, 2014

Dusty Miller and Asiatic Lilies

Last post I made mention about this planter that the Dusty Miller had taken over.

Well they started out so trim and cute!

I should have known better than to plant so many of these- I forgot just how large Dusty Miller can get.

The Dusty miller branches out and got much taller and the Geraniums had all but disappeared!

So I snipped and snipped and snipped away at the Dusty Miller to give the Geraniums a chance to show up again.  I have a feeling I will be snipping for the rest of the summer to keep this under control!

I snipped it a bit again after I took this picture.  I think this will work out much better now.

The lilies have been blooming all around here.  I do enjoy how easy they are to grow and that they are low maintenance.
These are out front on the island
These are Tiny Bee, Dwarf Asiatic Lily

 Tiny Sensation, Asiatic Lilies

All of these bright yellow and orange ones are by the driveway.  

Part of my "pink" garden area near the deck
Tiny Spider, Asiatic Lily

These are the prettiest soft pink- love their coloring. 
These may be called Tiny Athlete- Asiatic Lily

 I always have my cell phone with me to snap a picture.  

I'm not positive but I think these are
Tiny Pearl, Asiatic Lily

These used to be by the garden path, I moved them thinking they were the orange ones.  A vole had killed off most of the lilies and I thought all the whites were gone.  The next year I got a surprise! They're pretty tall and look good next to the ornamental grass so I am happy with them here.

One more white one appeared in this area where I thought they were gone and these orange ones were supposed to be yellow (according to the Lowe's tag) but they all bloomed orange.  I'm thinking I'll finally move these orange ones to a new location.  I want something softer here so maybe they'll join the island out front!  

 It's been raining a lot and now the temp has dropped.  Today is expected to top out at 60.   I'm not complaining though especially when I hear that in the south their dealing with triple digit temps!

Good bye for now! 

I'm joining
Fishtail Cottage for
Garden Party #11



  1. Your gardens look so beautiful! When is the best time to transplant lilies? I have some that are getting pushed over by arborvitae. And how do you deal with voles? I am doing combat with moles and deer, and the deer are winning. Very strange garden season here this year. No hydrangeas make my yard colorless. The impatien blight disheartens me, they added the Continuous pops of color I need. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden. The deer don't eat dusty miller, one good thing!

  2. Your gardens look so beautiful . I love your whites and orange lilies together.also the lilies look good next to your fairy garden too.

  3. Bonsoir chère amie,

    C'est tout à fait ça ! je suis assise dans votre jardin et je contemple avec ravissement toutes vos fleurs... Que du bonheur !
    Des très belles photos.

    ☼ Je vous souhaite un bel été ☼
    Gros bisous ♡

  4. Your garden looks so pretty. Great color on your Asiatic lilies and they're so inviting on the pathway. Good haircut on your Dusty Miller, too.:) What is the heart shaped leaf vine growing on your arbor?

  5. As always your gardens look lovely. They sure grow fast once they take off for you. You have some lovely Lily choices. I like your container whether the Geraniums show up or not. Dusty Miller always looks great with whatever it's planted with.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Beautiful, Liz! All of your lilies are gorgeous! Yes, Dusty Miller, is very aggressive; but, I see it in a lot of landscapes here, as a highlight. All of your gardens flow beautifully into each other. I could stare at this all day!

  7. Hi Liz, Simply gorgeous!! You have the best gardens I've seen. Every bloom is incredible. I love the contrast of color with the Dusty Miller. I only wish mine would look like this. Triple digit temps makes for a huge challenge in my garden but it's raining today and I am thrilled.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful! I'm envious of your lilies! I tried some, but something ate them just as they came up out of the ground in the spring. Thank you for sharing your photos, just lovely!

  9. Oh my goodness! I am envious as well. Your garden is so lush and beautiful. May I borrow you for a day or two, my garden is slow in blooming. My Shasta Daisies are finally in full bloom. Your garden is very inspiring :) -Bev

  10. Liz, Oh my goodness... your garden is beautiful! You have inspired me to plant lilies.

  11. Although your lilies are gorgeous, I love the squirrel on the trellis. Your garden looks wonderful!

  12. Well, blow me down! I didn't realize you had this garden blog! Your plantings are just beautiful. Maybe I can get some tips from you, who obviously has a green thumb.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  13. So much color Liz... I'm discovering a whole new world of asiatics out there and it's exciting stuff!! Planted 500 dusty millers here as well and so far they've behaved! Larry

    1. Wow Larry- 500 Dusty Millers! That's a lot! I'm in love with the asiatic lilies. You are right there is a new world of them out there- always something new to find!

  14. Liz, your Lilies are gorgeous! I have a few, but they seem to be not getting enough water. Not as pretty as usual. Laughing about the Dusty Miller. Yes, sometimes we forget. I usually tuck in one or two because I like the silvery grey color. Looks great after you trimmed it!

  15. WOW, I had no idea you had so many lilies! They're beautiful! I especially love that first solid yellow one and the pale pink one. So, so pretty.
    I think that dusty miller you whacked will be just fine. And will give the geraniums a chance to make their way in the world. :)

  16. beautiful garden. I love the lilies and my post is also about lilies. I have to get more I would love some white ones. I saw the lady down the ally has some. Do those seed or from bulbs? Tiger lilies come from seeds and spread quickly. I need more so more colour. I think I must make another stop at the garden center.

  17. Hi Liz, Your Asiatics are lovely! Beautiful color! I am loving the view of the stone path and the fairy garden as well.

  18. Your flowers are beautiful, Liz. And, you have so many!! I enjoyed my time in your yard very much. :-)


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