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July 24, 2014

Before and After Planters

I was browsing through pictures and realized how some of these planters had changed so I thought I'd post some before and afters!  Of course we're not done with summer but it's always fun to see how things have changed.

The Sweet Potato Vine is aggressive and causing the Geraniums to fight for their light and space. I usually use Vinca Vines but thought I'd try the Sweet Potato Vine this year.  The birds have been pulling out fiber from the coco liners for nesting.  I never realized they were doing that until I saw one on the planters by the house.

I had these under the eves of the house but moved them out early in July. These begonias are designed to take the sun and they seem to be doing better than they had been before in the partially shaded area.  

I already showed this last week but it shows the difference between the before and after

The Browallia has taken forever to start blooming.  The Sweet Potato Vine is filling in heavily here too.

The Supertunias always do well.  They've dwarfed the spike in the center.

This hanging basket looked better a couple of weeks ago with more flowers.  It seems to go in waves of blooms and then backs off a bit.  I've read that some plants don't like rubbing elbows with certain other plants.  Perhaps they don't like the geraniums!

These are my favorite.  The Gartenmeister Fuchsia have really grown nicely and the hummingbirds love them.  I was worried I'd have to stake them but so far they are doing fine. They are supposed to be able to tolerate the heat better than other Fuchsias although our summer has been mild so I can't say for sure. 

My rusty buckets of impatiens have grown a lot.  These are the same impatiens as are around the fountain area.

I am happy with how well these have come along.  Love the color combo.  I haven't seen a lot of butterflies this year but they do love the Lantana

The Begonia has spread out and the Diamond Frost has filled in nicely.  There are some Caladiums in there but you can hardly see them.  See the violas popping out?  I've let them get leggy but they wouldn't show up much otherwise..  

The foxtail ferns have gotten a bit larger- they seem to fit in here nicely.  I cut a few pieces for an arrangement and they really last a long time.

 These "Sunpatiens" have been doing well.  They show signs of stress easily and definitely like to be kept watered.   I think they are heavy feeders too and need more fertilizing.

My first succulent garden attempt.  They are growing well and looking better than they did when I started. These only get the morning sun.  I read that they shouldn't be put in too sunny of a location.  I just wonder if I could give them more. 

The Violas are doing great.  I've had some trouble with chipmunks planting sunflowers seeds in them and also digging the plants causing some to die off but generally they are doing well.  We've had a mild summer so they haven't gotten to that point where they stop blooming. I just realized their coloring is different- probably because they're getting a lot of sun.   Perhaps I'll move them over to a more shaded area and see if that changes them.

This planted has gone wild!  The center has a white Supertunia but it's all but disappeared in the middle of these petunias.  I think I'm going to dig it out and give it it's own pot and let the petunias fill in.  

Well this has gotten long- there are a few more pots but I will stop here!



  1. What a difference a few weeks make. They have all filled out wonderfully haven't they? Some lovely combos
    you have going on. I wonder how long it takes for you to water them all. Do you use those water retaining gel?

  2. Begonias, Look so wonderful and bright.. and all the iron planters you have are wonderful.. and your right everything has done so well with love Janice

  3. Your containers are wonderful. I loved all the color of the plants you have chosen for them. You whole garden is so charming. blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Hi Liz, all your plantings are doing wonderful. Each container is full and lush. You certainly have a green thumb my friend and this would make a great feature in Country Gardens magazine. Such an inspiration and I love the blooms you bring together.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. This is a fun post to read. It's fun to see how the plants matured and look together.

  6. Wowee! Isn't it crazy how much annuals grow in such a short amount of time?
    My tuberous begonias SUCK this year. Maybe your secret is what I need. More sun?
    My Gartenmeister (sp?) fuchsias, on the other hand, are rockin' it. I bought some this year because of past photos of yours and I'm so happy I did. They're beautiful!

  7. Liz I adore the containers you put together every year. I was not able to put anything together except a few petunias in my antique planters so it is wonderful to see yours.

  8. Everything has filled out beautifully. You must spend a lot of time in your yard and on your patio. Speaking of which, I love your stone patio! It has been a fantastic summer for flowers, hasn't it? HH and I were bailing and stacking hay in 102 degree heat the other day. Now, our highs are just above 80. If we'd known, we would have waited a few days! Our kids are gone from home now, so it's just the two of us left to do everything. Maybe our next cutting of hay will be cooler like it is right now. Love this weather, don't you?!

  9. Fun to see the before and afters. I don't plant many annuals, but I always enjoy seeing them! I really like that sweet potato vine!


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