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February 25, 2014

Kitchen- In the Wee Small Hours of the morning

Not long ago I posted about an inspiratoin picture that led me to decorate by my kitchen window area  "here"
 There was a lamp on the counter in that same picture that inspired me to 
bring a lamp into my kitchen area.

 This was the only area a lamp could go because of my small tv just to the left. Wish I could hide the cord better but it's just not possible.
I'm a big fan of accent mood lighting (I'm using a 25 watt bulb) and I love how it makes the pears look.  In the evening when it's it provides just enough light to come out to the kitchen without needing much more. 

This cast iron urn was black when I got it.  I used a bronze spray paint with whisps of antique gold because the black wasn't doing it for me.

This lamp was another find at a store going out of business back around 2010.  I loved the lemons immediately and the faux finish makes it look like marble.  It's been in storage for a bit but I really wanted to bring it back so I'm glad that picture gave me some inspiration to try this.

I have a tiny kitchen 12 x 8 
We remodeled in 1996.  I drew up the layout for the kitchen.  I had lived with this kitchen long enough to know the changes I wanted.  The sink used to be in the corner but I never liked it there and the dishwasher was at the end just to the right of the corner sink which I never liked.  It made me feel trapped when it was open.  I wanted some glass doors so I put them at the end to be a focal point- almost like a china hutch.  I chose water glass to diffuse the view.  Later on we added under cabinet lighting.

I showed you my window vignette at the beginning of the month.  I did
add some wooden spoons to the green pitcher which I like better now.

I don't have appliance garages nor the room to hide them so these evryday items are all on my counter.  I grind my coffee every morning. 

A little bit of Tuscany
Found this at Home Goods a few years ago

I got the idea to leave a stack of dishes on the counter from that inspiration photo too.

The frame was from T.J. Maxx and I ordered the print from
one of those on line poster companies. 

There's only 4 ft. between the counters.  I always say it's a one butt kitchen!  
I chose to make my corners square vs angled to keep it feeling as large as possible.  10 years after the new kitchen installation we changed the laminate countertops to corian.  At the time the granite had risen to an all time high and we couldn't justify it.  We replaced the appliances with stainless steel ones and I picked out the stove because it had a nice flat front, no handles sticking out to eat up any space- same with the micorowave.  I finally got a counter depth refrigerator to help with space.

The basket is my catch-all for mail etc.

So that's my kitchen, in the Wee Small Hours of the Morning 
Yes I am an early riser!

For the Sentimentalists
I'm joining 
French Country Cottage
Feather Your Nest Friday


  1. The kitchen look wonderful with your touches. A lovely bowl full of fruit always looks inviting and I do adore mood lighting. I use dimmers everywhere. There's nothing like freshly ground coffee.

  2. I love the "wee hours of the morning"...there is such a calm about it. Love your beautiful touches and the and the inspiration picture......There is nothing like fresh ground coffee each morning...I so love your "one butt" kitchen!!!

  3. Hi Liz! What a sweet cozy kitchen. I love all you've done in there and I love to see things om the countertops!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. I really like how the pears look in that light too! It looks like a still life painting.

    One butt kitchen! That's funny!

  5. Liz, your kitchen looks lovely in the we hours of the morning. The urns and the fruit bowls are perfect touches. The glass cabinet doors reflect the light beautifully.

  6. Your kitchen looks warm and inviting, like you. I love the lemony touches and the warm light on the pears. Beautiful!

  7. Oh, I love your kitchen! You are so gifted at putting things together! Your under cabinet lighting is so pretty!


  8. Your kitchen is very pretty with the early morning light. I love the glass cupboard doors. Your one butt kitchen is very cozy! :)

  9. Oh I like your kitchen! It's very pretty and inviting. I like the French touches you've added too. My cooking area in my kitchen isn't very large either. When I have more than 2 people in there, it feels crowded.

  10. Liz,
    The ambient lighting in your kitchen is exquisite, dear friend!!!
    I adore the stacks of dishhes, the frame artwork, the appliances that stay on the counter. . .
    in a small kitchen it has to function and yours does, beautifully!!!
    Hm~m~m. . .I may just have to borrow your phrase, "One butt kitchen",
    next time "Mr. Ed" invades my space in our Galley Kitchen here on the Prairie!

  11. I love your kitchen Liz, it's so pretty. Your accessorizing is absolutely gorgeous. I adore Sinatra, such a cute post! :)

  12. Liz, your kitchen looks so inviting. I've got to say that I LOVE lamps, and this pretty lamp adds so much ambiance to your kitchen. Your vignettes are all so pretty. Your kitchen looks so dressed up. I tend to put the "left over" lamps, pictures, etc in my kitchen, but you've decorated your kitchen as fancy as any room in the house. I love it. laurie

  13. Liz, your kitchen looks so beautiful with all of your special touches. Love the lighting.

  14. One of the most magical times of the day.....the "wee hours of the morning"! Your kitchen is magical too!~~Angela

  15. You have a beautiful kitchen. I get up early too :-)

  16. Not only are you UP at the butt crack of dawn, but you actually have the wherewithall to be in there taking pictures of stuff at that ungodly hour???!?!! Oh, Liz...we have GOT to talk!!! :-)

    I love what you've done with the lamp! I've considered adding a lamp in a corner in addition to the one on the kitchen desk (HATE that desk!), but I'm so fearful of it getting all greasy. It's the perfect spot except for it being in such proximity to the stove. Maybe that's my cue to stop frying stuff! :-)

    Possible solution to the cord situation: Hobby Lobby sells cord covers. VERY stylish cord covers. You see them in all the posh homes. My Mom and I are on the hunt for the perfect colors for some exposed cords at her house. I use them a lot at Christmastime. I have a bunch of velvety ones. While looking for those for Mom, we're keeping an eye out for my house, too!

    So you grind your own coffee every morning? Look here, Martha Stewart of the Heartland...stop making the rest of us look bad!!! ;-)


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