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February 15, 2014

Amaryllis- don't "fence" me in!

I received this pot with Amaryllis bulbs as a gift in early December and I've been taking pictures as they grew.

Around Christmas

I "fenced" in the plant to keep it compact in my room and to provide support for the foliage and flower stems as they grew.   Not too charming but it worked!

February 8th

 I removed some of the "fencing"

I removed all of the fencing and let the plant's leaves lay more naturally.  I relocated the bamboo sticks to support the heavy flower stems. 

February 15

I've been enjoying these pretty flowers this past week.   I love the contrast of this colorful flower vs. my outdoor frozen world!
 Thank you again Teresa for this gift!
Amaryllis (or Hippeastrum) come from South Africa.
I found this article on Wikepedia that was interesting. 
I've never had any luck growing these again from the same bulbs, have you?

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  1. What a beauty! It really is amazing to watch how this plant grows and the gorgeous flowers that appear. A breath of fresh air or should I say spring air during this cold and snowy time!

  2. Your amaryllis really brings a touch of spring to you window. I haven't had any luck getting them to re-bloom, but then I forget to do take care of them so they'll be ready to, hopefully, re-bloom the next year. Thanks for sharing the growing stages of yours.

  3. These are just gorgeous! I had one last year that rebloomed for me, a lovely surprise as I didn't give it much care. Yours is beautiful.

  4. Oh, Liz! How beautiful! Gorgeous bloom. Loved seeing the growing stages!

  5. I love the blooms. Gorgeous! xo

  6. Beautiful Liz! I bought a red one and planted it to bloom at Christmas. It was gorgeous and I loved it, but long gone now. Enjoy your pretty blooms!

  7. I've never had any luck growing them...period! I'm just not the one with the green thumb. Don't know why not. Used to be pretty good at it.

    I hope you're able to regrow them from the same bulbs next year. These are absolutely gorgeous!!! Enjoy!

  8. That is a beautiful flower. I've never grown one of those before. I have a fake one that I do put out at Christmas time though. LOL!

  9. Very very pretty! A neighbor planted hers and even an Easter Lilly in her backyard that come back every year. They don't bloom at Easter and Christmas but they do bloom during the summer. I planted one two years ago and the foliage came back last summer but it didn't bloom. I'm not through trying though so I'm going to plant mine outside again this year. I was going to throw them away anyway so I think its worth a try. Flowers blooming in the winter helps to get through the long months of January and February. Spring is just 31 days away!!!

  10. Beautiful Liz! It was worth the long wait.


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