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December 10, 2013

Woodland Christmas Tree and Lantern

 My Woodland Christmas Tree began a few years ago when I got my skinny trees.
 My collection has been gathered from Pier 1, Macy's, T.J. Maxx, the Hallmark Store, and a couple of
specialty shops.

 My newest addition was this cute big chubby white owl.  It was found on our way home from Thanksgiving at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland

As you can see I have lots of Owls, various birds

 a mix of glass ornaments


and wildlife 

The tree topper
He's perched up there keeping an eye on things!

 Sweet little fawn from Pier 1
(notice tree skirt- minus gold beads- bad kitties!)

 I set this table up much like last year, only reversing the positions of the items.  You can see the post from last year "here".

The reindeer, trees and birch flameless candle were from Grandin Road last year.

This is the nicest flameless candle because of the multiple settings on the timer and how realistic the flickering flame looks.  

These reindeer are so skinny you can hardly see them!

I cheat and leave everything in here and just reuse it at the holidays.  I cover it with a bag and just pull it back out.

I'm joining Ivy and Elephants 


  1. Such a delightful tree! I love how you have it decorated. The table looks lovely too!

  2. Your home looks aboslutelly gorgeous for the C'mas holidays! I love your tree and the skirt with the cute wild life, lol! Each vignette is lovely and the small table by the entrance is so very pretty dear Liz. Thank you for your visit, you made my day! Happy Christmas Holidays to you.

  3. Liz, I love your Woodland Tree - the colors and the owls and wildlife!! It's gorgeous!! ♥

  4. Hi Liz, thanks for dropping by this morning. What a beautiful blog you have. What a nice theme for a Christmas tree. Back to nature. Your photography is great too. I will be following you.

  5. Can not tell you how much I love your tree and lantern, Liz! Gorgeous....just gorgeous!

  6. I love your woodland theme. The owls are a "hoot". LOL!!!

  7. Love your woodland themed tree, Liz! Those owls are so cute. What a great lantern! Such a great size to fill up and it makes such a statement on your table.

  8. I love the feel of your winter woodland and all of the precious creatures which have been given to us to enjoy! I am particularly fond of owls myself-in fact there is one that lives in a tree not far from my home and when I go for my morning walks he sometimes lets me see him!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful wintery Holiday with us!

  9. Ramon just walked past and remarked how the reindeer look like the people of Somalia: really tall and REALLY thin, but graceful. Hmmmm...he's more astute than he looks! :-)

    Your tree ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to PIN it!!! You have really amassed a nice collection of woodland characters and figurines to fill it out! The little antlers are really cool! LOVE the skinny tree, of course! I finally got one last year, and it is one of the best things ever!!! All the pow with only 1/3 the floor space used!!!

    Beautiful arrangements!!!!

  10. What a beautiful and prim tree. I absolutely love the woodlands theme. 'Found your blog via Ivy & Elephants' link party. Now following your blog :)

  11. I love your tree with all the animals!! I have gotten 2 animal ornaments for Joes tree downstairs this year. I love that theme too. LOVE that lantern and I don't think that is cheating at all:):)

  12. This is the neatest tree…just adorable. The owls are darling, especially the chubby white one. All the ornaments are unique. You have a great collection.

  13. Liz,
    Beautiful! Woodland decor is big. If you have not stopped by my Tour to Country Folks Store, please do! lots of woodland decor!

    Where did you get your skinny tree!! love it!!



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