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December 11, 2013

A Little Holiday Glam In The Dining Area

There won't be any big fancy meals at the dining table this year so I went ahead and set the table up with a centerpiece that's not really removable.
I started with a wreath at the base of the candelabra and added some evergreen picks to enlarge it and to expand the size a bit .

I tossed on some LED battery operated lights and 
it came to life!

I used a few different glass ornaments to fill 
in the center and add some glam.  

I strung a garland through the chandelier and used the glittery red feathers to add some color.  I used the red rose balls from last year except this time I just set them on the top with the doves. 

 I lit the candles but only long enough to take pictures.  I bought short candles but it's still too tall and close to the chandelier especially with the faux greenery above. 

I also decided to glam up the china cabinet with a
 little bit of ornamentation!
I use acrylic holders for displaying the plates.  
The glass candle votives were from the Nell Hills website back when 
they still sold stuff over the internet.

These are from the Macy's Charter Club Grand Buffet Gold dishes.  Not expensive at all (especially on their sales) I think they are classic and I chose them because they fit my traditional style.  I've had mine for a while, but they still sell them.

 I filled my husband's pilsner beer glasses with the glittery red pieces and added the glass beaded pears for more sparkle.

If you have a minute please visit my friend Betty's
blog- she hasn't had a lot of chances to post over this past
year, but she has a new one up for the holidays and she
does a great job on her decorating!
Betty Marie's

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  1. Looks glam-tastic, Liz! Your arrangements look so good.

  2. It looks beautiful, Liz. What a great idea to use the red balls and the sparkly pears in the glasses to dress up the cabinet for Christmas, and that china pattern is gorgeous. laurie

  3. Your Dining Room is lovely. I love a decorated chandelier for the holidays and your centerpiece is just right. I like the way you have decorated the china cabinet also. Merry Christmas.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  4. Liz,
    Everything looks so festive and beautiful..
    Love, Mona

  5. Oh and what glam it is!!…Really love the Charter Club dishes!..and the chandelier is exquisite!…I usually go over the top with my chandy decor, but this year I kept it pretty simple..next year I think I shall take inspiration from you!..

  6. Wow, woman...talk about GRAND!!!! That is really fabulously glamorous and BIG...just the way I love it!!! Get outta here with those Charter Club dishes! They are really pretty! My style really leans more towards traditional, too, and these are super classic. The bits of red ribbon sailing around on the plate really makes them look special!

    I've been on the hunt for some wholesale LED candles that will fit candelabra. If I find some, I will send you some. I don't want your house to burn down! :-) I have tons of the pillar LED candles, but the tapers have been elusive.

    Beautiful creation!!

  7. How lovely your dining room looks! LOVE those Charter Club dishes and the hutch is so pretty all glammed up:)

  8. PS, keep forgetting to mention how much I love your header!!

  9. Oh My Goodness Liz, you have a talent for sure! Love the way you set all this up, very beautiful.
    I really like those dishes from Macy's.
    You are such a sweet friend, thank you!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I had to remove my mess of typos.
    Love your dining room especially the dining room chandy with the doves and roses…perfect. So pretty the way you decorated the china cabinet. Are you dining away for Christmas this year?
    Thanks for giving a shout out for Betty Marie. I am heading over.


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