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October 3, 2013

Orange, Blue and White Fall Mantel

 Recently I've seen several examples of blue and white porcelain pieces being used with fall decorating.  I guess I was looking for something different this year so I gathered the only two pieces I have and 
gave it a try.
(For those that are new to my blog - we are going to be painting the room soon and have been sampling colors.  It looks pretty weird right now, but believe me it's not staying this way! It will be the color on the right)

These are a couple of Bombay pieces. 
I shopped my house and as you can see I used a variety of pumpkins, glittery acorns, woven deco balls and silk leaves.

I started with a grape vine garland of leaves, added some picks, and some random loose leaves.

 The gold pumpkin seemed to fit right in.  I elevated it a tad so it would show up better.

 The garland was woven in an S shape along the mantel and the fall picks were poked in in various spots to give it more body.

I have to say this is a first for me.  
The blue catches the eye that's for sure!

 I have to pretend the walls are painted.  I don't see us getting this done before November right now because of a couple of trips we will soon be making.  

The sum of my living room for fall.
I will be joining
French Country Cottage for
Feathered Nest Friday

Between Naps on the Porch for
Metamorphosis Monday 


  1. I love the orange pumpkin and acorns in your blue and white dishes, Liz. The gold pumpkin is gorgeous! What a lovely, blogworthy mantel...I know you will get that!

  2. Everything looks so pretty, Liz Oh so inviting! You are truly ready for Fall!

  3. Your mantel is beautiful Liz. The gold pumpkin is so very pretty. I do love the contrast of adding the blue and white. I bet you can't wait to have the room painted.

  4. Liz, I love the color combo. xo

  5. Liz, your mantel is lovely. I've seen a lot of blue and white out there, used for fall decor. I think I saw some on Nell Hill's blog, as well. I think it's a pretty contrast with the orange. Can't wait to see your room all painted out!

  6. Liz, You did a beautiful job decorating the mantle, and I love the addition of the blue. Thanks for visiting, talk soon.

  7. I adore the blue and white on the mantle with the fall colors, it is so striking and really stands out and makes such a wonderful statement....thanks for sharing those cool photos...Phyllis

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I love Blue and White! But never imagined how good it would look mingled with the Orange and Hot Colords of Fall.
    Well done, Liz! As usual ;)
    I love that painting over the mantel more and more every time I see it.
    Fall suits your home. Happy Fall, Dear Friend!

  10. You are definitely ready for Fall!!! Everything looks gorgeous and I love the blue! I love seeing what you do with your home!!

  11. This is so beautiful, Liz! I really like the frame too...Christine

  12. Your mantel is gorgeous. Love the color you've chosen too. Your whole home looks ready for Fall. I'm so late not one decoration has made it up. Shooting for Christmas ;)

  13. You've done a beautiful job of fall decorating in your living room. I especially love what you did on the coffee table with the big pumpkin in the center. The blue on the mantle looks great and I will have to try using it in my schemes. I have never thought of it before and it looks so nice. I like blue and white.

  14. You have done such a beautiful job with all your fall decorating and this mantle is perfect. Love the touches of pumpkins and acorns. Love acorns!!


  15. You have such a beautiful house. I love you fall decorations. I am always in awe of people who can decorate their houses to celebrate seasons and holidays and make it look like it came off a catalog. Beautiful mantel! Good luck with the painting.

  16. Beautiful mantel with the blue and white, I truly love this combo! Your Fall decorations around your lovely home are gorgeous too. Thank you for your sweet and kind visit. Enjoy your weekend.

  17. Hi Liz - Your mantle is beautiful! The orange and blue look wonderful together. I love the painting too! I didn't even notice the paint samples until you mentioned it. The mantle is so eye-catching with the color variations and touches of gold.


  18. Liz, your home is so beautiful. I love the grape vine garland and pops of blue and orange color. I hope we'll see your new tablecloth on the blog - I think blue flowers would look great with it. I was hoping to find blue hydrangeas for mine but no such luck!

  19. The blue and white is so pretty with the orange, Liz! Your mantel is beautiful.

  20. Oh I love this! How pretty! You did a great job!

    Mary from Virginia

  21. Liz, your mantle is gorgeous! So elegant! The blue looks so pretty with the orange color. Love the garland!

  22. Liz that is really pretty. I love the blue & orange together and I love that romantic painting over the mantel!

  23. I love the blue with the orange and gold! Very elegant and romantic!~~Angela

  24. Liz, I love your mantel. I used aqua with orange everywhere this year, and love it! The picture above your mantel is gorgeous!!


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