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October 28, 2013

We Interrupt This Program...

My fall and Halloween decorating has been temporarily interrupted!
My living room is finally going to be painted!
  I'm staging all my deco stuff from the living room 
on my dining table. 

 All my curtain panels are stacked up along with a large pile of hardware.  I tell ya- having 6 windows in one room is a major expense that I never considered when I first came up with the idea to have all those windows!

I've been waiting since June to get this underway.   

 Various color samples have been reviewed (4 to be exact).  I knew one thing for sure- I wanted to keep the room bright and cheerful. 

The color I landed on is called Lady Finger by Benjamin Moore #1045.

It does have some yellow in it and it works great with the sofa and the other chairs.

So this week I am all torn up but it's for a good reason!  
I love this kind of a mess because it represents progress!

 I have a few more things to remove but overall
the room is ready. 

During this process of choosing a color I reviewed pictures on line to see rooms painted with the colors I was considering.  
I ran across this article from another blogger called  
She suggested painting the sample colors on a large piece of poster board (wish I would have thought of that).
 She also has an article she wrote about selecting the right color (which I was happy to learn that I had applied some of the same logic).  
You can read the article "here"

One of the struggles in my decision process was because my carpet is a lemony yellow color and all my furnishings have some kind of golds/yellow in them.  I have had the Concord Ivory on the walls for 7 years and wanted to break away from the overall strong golden tone is projects.  I wanted to go lighter and allowing the furnishings to play off the wall color.  I had to find a color that could work with my furnishings and still give me the updated look I wanted.  
Now let's hope I got it right!

Stay tuned! 
I'm joining the following parties:

The Dedicated House
Make It Pretty



  1. I bet it's going to look great, Liz! I love what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room and for our decorating mojo! Happy rolling!

  2. Now the fun begins ahahahaha
    I love the mess that antecedes a change... Enjoy, My Dear!

    1. I forgot to say how much I love to see some of your pieces together in that first picture. Love it. I feel like a small child wanting to touch all of them ahahahah
      I believe the new choices will represent the change you aim for... and lets be honest, if a tweak is needed here and there you have your own MacGyver at hand.
      Keep Calm and Decorate on ;)

  3. That's so exciting.....I love a freshly painted room....
    Love, Mona

  4. It is going to be beautiful!
    I painted poster board when we were building the house.It works.:-)

  5. I did the poster board thing years ago when we painted our living room. It really helps. Can't wait to see your finished room. It'll be gorgeous.

  6. I did the poster boards when I painted my Atlanta home. It worked perfectly. I cannot wait to see it all transform the space. I love a fresh painted room. xo

  7. Good luck with your painting. Can't wait to see the finished room!


  8. I can relate Liz, our kitchen stuff is everywhere. I know you are excited about the new paint color.
    It's going to be lovely when you have everything back in order.

  9. Liz, I know how excited you must be! We are about to start painting next week. My girls are moving into my childhood home; and we are updating everything. It's a mess now; but, I can't wait to see how it all turns out! I know yours will be beautiful!

  10. Oh my let the fun begin!!! Can't wait to see the new color!!!


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