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September 6, 2013

Crisp Mornings

Crisp mornings have arrived.  We've been dropping into the mid 50's at night and every morning there is dew on everything.

I was staring out my kitchen window at the pretty purple Vinca flowers and noticed how nice the the Limelight hydrangeas looked in their background so I decided I should pop out there and snap a picture.

I captured a morning shot of the fountain.  It was chilly though so I didn't stay out long!

These little begonias have done well.  I'm about to give up on Lobelia though.  It seems like the slightest misstep on watering and they poop out on you too easily.  These are scraggly and some of the other ones I have are all browned and gone.

Love these fuchsia's.  They've done well and of course the hummingbirds love them too.  I love to plant flowers and shrubs that the birds, bees and butterflies enjoy.

The last flowers are out on these Hostas.
These guys are super tall.
Fujibotan Hosta.  A plain medium green leave with a slightly wavy leaf.  A late summer bloomer.

The Browallia took over the window box.  The pink New Guinea Impatiens I planted in there are buried underneath.  

The Limelight Hydrangeas are still looking good.  This set of shrubs is on the backside of my house and bloomed later than the ones out front.

  The arbor is loaded (all on top) with a combination of the Sweet Autumn Clematis, a climbing rose, and some Morning Glories which I still  haven't seen flowers on.  Any day now I'm sure!

Everything is still healthy and growing here.  Some of the pre-potted hanging baskets I bought look terrible though.  I think they over pot them and use cheap soil.  
The one I planted myself looks great, but the others are done.  

I sent my daughter home with a pitcher full of my hydrangeas.  
We mixed some Limelights and Endless Summer ones together.  

How's it going in your neck of the woods?


  1. That was a beautiful tour. Everything looks so lush and colourful. I know what you mean about lobelia - I find myself looking at the one pot in which it is thriving and asking myself 'what did I do differently in that one?' We've had the same experience as you with the commercial hanging planters. They gave up in early August, becoming straggly and patchy, whereas the ones we did ourselves are lush and still blooming.

  2. Not as colourfully as in your neck.

  3. Liz your gardens are just lovely ::)

  4. It's crazy how when this time of year just kicks in, then all of a sudden the annuls start waning. I was out sweeping up the patio this morning and looking at pots that are ready to be dumped. It's sad that it's nearly over.

  5. I love the begonias!!! They are a perfect replacement for the impatiens!! I envy you your crisp mornings. It might be a little cooler here by the weekend but our days are still in the 90's this week. I'm so looking forward to the cooler weather this year. My flowers seem to perk up a little when it cools off and who could blame them. Enjoy your morning strolls!!


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