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September 23, 2013

Autumn Greetings

 It's officially here!

I wandered about the yard today and snapped off a bunch of pictures.  I saw the sunlight hitting these trees through the woods and it captured my attention.  I felt very fall like.

Not that I want to rush the seasons, but I think I'm ready to rest a bit from tending to all my flowers and plants.

  We've had an unusual amount of rain lately and I haven't had to worry about watering anything.   I haven't been seeing the hummingbirds anymore- I'm sure they headed south already.

Dried leaves fall even though the trees haven't turned yet.
It starts to get messy.

My garden areas are still alive and well, but there are some telltale signs that the plants are done for the season.

The hydrangeas are starting to change and get that papery look.  This is a small PeeGee Hydrangea tree.

For days the bees been all over these flowers on the 
Autumn Joy Sedum.  It was very chilly last night and these guys were not moving fast at all.  We had a frost warning but it didn't happen.

I noticed my little girl statue looked like she was staring at the sedum too! 

 You can see some leaves that have nestled in here already. 

My Queen Elizabeth Rose is taller than me now!

I've had the best luck with this rose bush.  It's not much for fragrance like a tea rose is, but it has the looks.  Our northern climate has proven to be difficult for some of the roses I've tried over the years.  This one is a keeper!

I tore apart my planters in front of the garage.  The plants in them had become quite unruly and I was ready to see some fall coloring.  I did spare this one because the bees have been so active on it.  

I had an idea that Dan helped me put together with the planters.  I created a Mum and Pumpkin topiary with gourds.  

I've also decorated my deck which is where everyone first comes to when visiting.



  1. I always enjoy visiting your beautiful garden, Liz. The topiaries are a brilliant idea and a wonderful accent. I hope the raccoons don't vandalize your punkins and squash this year!

  2. It has officially hit here, as well. I'm sad to see the garden go, but I'm soooo tired of watering every day. The rains are beating everything down and the annuals are yellowed and starting to rot off. It's definitely the season of cuddling up inside and waiting for spring. :)

  3. Liz, everything is so beautiful; and I love the topiaries!! Your gardens are just wonderful! Always a treat for the eyes!

  4. Beautiful! The rose and the topiaries got my eye, lovely!

  5. Bonjour,

    Dame Automne est arrivée, mais je suis tellement triste d'abandonner nos belles et longues journées d'été... Cette saison qui arrive me rend si nostalgique.
    Cependant votre billet lui fait un bel hommage. Vos photos sont merveilleuses.
    Gros bisous

  6. Some great photos here. The thing about Roses is counting on those blooming into the Fall. Your autumn containers are gorgeous! You did excellent on them.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. I love the containers by the garage they look so autumn and your garden is so pretty. You do have the green thumb.

  8. Liz, your garden is always beautiful. Mine is showing signs of wanting to be put to sleep for the Winter. But guess what just started blooming. My Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea. Better late than never I guess. I love your topiaries! I too will be pulling plants out of my urns soon and adding pumpkins. I have a few in the garden waiting to be plucked.

  9. Wow I love the fall garden and decorations...our hummers are gone too as autumn and a cold start has bid them farewell.

  10. I just love a tour through your gardens!! I'm loving the fall colors and the falling leaves! The topiaries look wonderful and you are so creative. Enjoy the cool down. I can't wait to pull out sweaters and eat soup!

  11. I understand the I love my garden but I need a rest... and the blessing of having "someone" else watering the plants ahahahah
    It is still so magical in your garden, Liz. You have trully inspiring and one of the most beautiful gardens I know.
    The Mum and Pumpkin topiary is precious.
    Enjoy Fall Dear Friend! Here is has been raining so much that mushrooms are popping up in the garden :)

  12. Beautiful gardens and I love your autumn vignettes on the deck and beside your garage! Just gorgeous!
    Miss Bloomers


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