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December 16, 2012

Sunshine & Nostalgia!

This simple little cardboard village piece brings out the kid in me.
I know I already featured this once but it's a nice sunny day and I caught the light 
shining on my little mini village piece and thought I'd snap a few more shots!

Part of me likes to view things like a child would. 
I like to create something that a child would gaze at in wonderment.  
To me this little village in my window is just that.

Makes you want to peer into the windows and see what's going on!  

 I think there are some kids inside like this opening gifts and playing!
(Tee hee...that's me on the left)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some nostalgia with me!


  1. Love your little village Liz, and your big bottle trees are wonderful. The last picture in B&W reminds me of Christmas past. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a white Christmas.

  2. Very pretty ! Love the little houses and those big bottle brush trees !

  3. Liz..hello! I came over from Susan Branch's page. You have a lovely blog! This village is beautiful!! The sunlight puts a whole new look on things doesn't it? Love your page!!


  4. Beautiful photos, love that little village, and the photo of you as a little girl, is just so precious. xo

  5. I think your village is lovely and the light is perfect int hese shots too. xo

  6. I love those little pieces, Liz. They make me remember when times were more innocent and we didn't have as much-nor expect as much-nor need as much. Thanks for sharing your sweet little houses with us- xo Diana

  7. Wait a minute.....that's made out of cardboard?!??!!! It looks so much sturdier than that!!! You must REALLY have to take care in storing that pretty village! Wow...that makes me appreciate it that much more! Glad you finally got some sunshine that way. We are in our 4th consecutive day of cloudy, dreary weather. Woke up to a blanket of thick fog. NOT the way you want to spend a weekend! :-( You are so cute in that picture!!! You look like you were having a GOOD TIME!!!!!!! My Mom had area rugs like that when we were little, too!

  8. I love the village with the sun shining in on it. But I also like the B&W photo of it.
    Cute picture of you as a child opening gifts. :0)

  9. Your little village is so cute! I love little Christmas houses like these.

  10. Liz, your photos are so pretty! Love the pic of you as a child...so sweet! Now, those are memories!!! I even remember rugs like those in our home!

  11. Love it Liz! Oh, how the imagination can run wild. Little mini villages are one of my favorite Christmas items. In fact, I am doing a post about some tomorrow.

  12. Love your village Liz. I always love seeing villages, I only have a small Rockwell Village but didn't get it out this year, maybe next. Thanks Liz.


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