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December 17, 2012

Craft Paper Gift Bags

I bought a set of six craft paper gift bags at Hobby Lobby 
(Original price $3.99 at 50% off = $1.99 which is  roughly .33 cents a bag)  
to decorate them myself for Christmas gift giving.

 I shot these pictures quickly with my cell phone so they aren't my usual 
quality but I think you will understand what I did. This is my ugly vinyl
tablecloth that I use for my crafts so pay no mind to it!

First I put a weight inside to help the bag stay open  
(I happened to have a small 3 x 3 x 6 gift box that I put a cup in for weight.  
 I used wrapping paper for my accent. 
I decided on a width that I wanted the wrapping paper to be.  
I left an extra inch so I could fold in each side 1/2".  
I like the foil paper because it has some body and is pretty easy to work with.
 The width of the roll worked out pretty close to the overall length I was 
going to need to go under and up both sides.  

I started on one side by creasing the top where I needed to make a fold.  
Then I put some Elmers glue on the back so I could stick it to the paper bag to keep it from shifting and from hanging loose away from the bag. 
I did not put glue on the folded edge of the foil that is laying against the bag because I figured it wouldn't stick and I'd end up with dried glue that would look bad.

I put glue on the bottom also and then I came up the other side and did the 
same fold and glued it.  
I used my hands both inside and out gently pressing just enough 
to get the two papers to join.

  I used this wide ribbon as an accent against the wrapping paper. 
I guided it up the bag with my hand and creased it over the top.

 I cut both ends of the ribbon to be the same inside the bag and used the 
Elmers glue again to keep it in place.

I gathered the two handles and tied on a ribbon.  
This was my first run through and I think I'll work on making the 
ribbon a little fancier on the handles.

 Overall this was a pretty inexpensive project and I'll have six bags in the end for a small investment and they are customized to my liking.  
I'll add some tissue to make it ever prettier as I start to fill them!

I will be joining 
Between Naps on the Porch 
Metamorphosis Monday


  1. Hi Liz,

    Your handmade gift bags are so charming! I love the leopard print with matching wrapping paper - so unique. It looks like you are all set for the holidays.

  2. Hello Sweet Lizzy!

    How's the life over the Big Apple? Hectic when it is a week b4 Christmas? Ahhh... thanks that my family are not really that crazy about Christmas. We'll wait until the New Year.

    You are such a dear inspiration on your ideas. This is absolutely great one.

    Greetings from a snowy Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  3. These are really pretty...with kind of a sexy vibe! Did you have Barry White playing in the background while you were creating these? :-) They're so modern and so fashionable (EVERYTHING looks better with a little animal print!)...but I'm still feeling that "Bolero" thing! :-) :-) :-)

  4. I would love the craft paper bag alone (haha), but this looks so fun. What elegant ribbon and papers! Beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous.....It's my style of decorating. Great project with so much elegance and inexpensive. Woo Hoo!


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