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July 31, 2012

Christmas ideas......

I know, "Christmas"!!!
No I am not starting to decorate nor will I until December but....
While shopping at a local Hallmark store I saw this display that caught my attention. 
The use of the antique sled for a display with the village pieces was what got me..... I think it's a great idea. I snapped a shot of it with my cell phone so I'd remember it!  

 I'm inspired to use my large sleigh for this idea!

 This is what I did with it two years ago.  Now I'm visualizing village piece and trees all at different heights, lots of snow, etc.! 
I feel guilty not using my village pieces any more...at least this way I could incorporate some of them into a unique display!

Well I do have plenty of time to think about it!

I'm going to make a folder on my computer's desktop to save ideas like this in!

I also saw a neat idea for Halloween from Pottery Barn in a catalog. I know lots of you have these lanterns and could create a similar look! I supersized it so you can see some of the details...

(if you click it you can see the rest of the picture)!

Back to summer! 


  1. Would love a little Christmas weather for a day or two Liz! It's been HOT here in Charlotte this summer! I've been seeing quite a bit of Halloween and Christmas around already, too.

  2. I am thinking about Christmas already, even though I'm trying to fight it!!! I just keep thinking how much I'm going to have to do in preparation for it. I am going to be SO sore!!! For now, though, I'll just hang onto these hot, humid, miserable days of summer ! :-) You just gave me a great idea for Halloween, too! Wow....you are really inspiring me today, lady! Thank you! I have the new PB catalog but haven't had time to look through it just yet. I can't wait to see what you do with the sleigh and village!!!!! That will look great!

  3. Well, It's never to early to think about Christmas ideas or crafts. Whenever you get inspired. I love the idea and your sled is perfect.

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog today-it allowed me to "find you". I love that idea with the sled. I have a couple of them and could do that. I gave most of my village pieces away to my two daughters over the years. I still have a TON of Christmas stuff though...but found I quit setting my village up like I used to do. Great lantern idea, too. I saved both of the ideas.

    Signing up as your newest follower-xo Diana

  5. Those are neat ideas, thanks for sharing!

    I have enjoyed browsing your lovely blog!


  6. I must admit that seeing Christmas cooled me off! Great ideas!

  7. I am not in the Christmas mood because it is tooooo hot here but it is a good thing to begin gathering ideas for later. Fall and then Christmas will be here before we know it! Time seems to go so quickly these days. Your sled is very pretty and adding the houses in different heights is a great idea. Christmas comes only once a year and that is why I think we should put out the things that make us happy. Our family is quite small but we always go all out just because we enjoy it. It will be fun to see exactly how you use the sled in Dec.--------

  8. This really is a great idea. I have a huge collection of village pieces, and I don't get them out every year either. With a new granddaughter due in September, I anticipate going full throttle with my Christmas decor in another year or so. It will be such fun! Thanks for the inspiration. Cherry Kay


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