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July 16, 2012

Back in the swing of things...

I've been busy for a bit getting ready for company.
Last time I posted it was before the 4th of July.
 Independence Day was kind of quiet around here but I did manage to decorate my pots with the flag.  

I found a new web site called BeFunky.com that you can play around with your pictures to enhance them, put words on them, crop them etc.  I used it to create a soft frame around my pot and added the words.

Last week before we took off for our first days adventure with our guests I took a few quick shots of the garden near the fountain.

The impatiens have finally filled in and created the border I wanted to see!

The moss is also filling in quite a bit. It's been 3 years since we added this section to the patio and the moss just takes off on it's own.  

I'm grateful for the shade we have in this yard.  The temps are in the 90's right now and it's a spot you can go for some relief.

We took a trip to Mackinac Island and
This place caught my eye! Isn't it cute and what a 
great garden!

Don't you love it!

The Lilac Tree Hotel boasts purple everywhere!
Even the hanging flower baskets are purple!

Mackinac Island has no cars- only bikes and horses for transportation.  It's a step back in time.
One of the sight-seeing rides.  
It was fun to visit again and a beautiful day!

Back home...
This is my Annabelle Hydrangea.  I planted it last year so I was glad to see it come back so nicely!  They say it's one of the easiest and reliable ones to grow.  The big white mop heads tend to droop a lot and tend to lay on the ground.  
The Coleus has filled in too.  I've been pinching it back a lot to encourage it to spread wider.  Seems to be working!
The Astilbe is blooming 
Out front on the island my Shrub Rose is blooming and growing a lot- It's the best it's ever been!  I've fertilized, and sprayed for bugs and kept things well watered.  
These are a new Aster plant I put in recently.  Love the color!
Some Yarrow and Coreopsis are new too.
The Cone Flowers/Echinacea and Shasta Daisies are blooming nicely!
The Delphiniums are shooting up some more stems so I'll  be getting more flowers from them soon!

It's been pretty hot and keeping up with the watering is a must!  My Pinky Winky Hydrangea was looking pretty sad- I hope the extra watering will bring it around again!

How are your gardens faring?


  1. Welcome back, Liz. Your gardens held up beautifully. I did not leave at all and my yard is dead! xo

    1. LOL Barbara! Sorry to hear! It doesn't take long for the gardens to get in trouble- especially in the heat.

  2. Merci pour ces belles et généreuses photos...
    Ce fut un nouveau moment de plaisir que de vous visiter.

    Gros bisous à vous.

  3. Well it looks like things are doing much better there than they are here!! The heat is really beating up my flowers and this is the worst year yet for the impatiens - they usually trudge right through the hot part of the summer but this year they look like they have had it already. I'm looking forward to Fall already!!!

    1. Yes your area has had a sustained heat wave that has to be hard to kep up with!

  4. Watering has been the last of our worries but you look to be doing a great job.

    1. You do have lots of green around you as a result of all your wet weather! Your wife's gardens are always fabulous!

  5. Don't you just love impatiens!? Your border is stunning. As is the rest of your yard.

    1. Thanks Mindy! I do enjoy impatiens- they seem to be disease free and give a lot of bang for your buck!

  6. Your gardens are really sparkling Liz despite the heat. I've been out watering every day too. I would just love Mackinac Island and to go back in time :-)

  7. your home and garden is beautiful! Takes your breathe away to walk through it with all your photos. I do not have a blog. I would enjoy people seeing the transformation my husband and I did to our front garden. It took time and rearranging plants and taking out what was not needed and moving them. We did have one tree dead that had to be cut down. it it's place I had my husband make a gate with the design arched not picket fence design. We had two cedar posts and two old finals I put on each post. the gate does open, I just wanted that feel. So instead of a person putting up a trellis I put up a gate in the center of my flower bed where the tree had to come down. I put up a sign on the gate. garden sweet garden. Then I went down to my local nursery and purchased perrinals that liked north exposure.And to the side of the gate I planted and on the back side of the gate to the side a put a bird bath. I did not plant in the middle of the gate ( front or back) I want it to have the feel you are opened the gate to a secret garden behind. Even though you can see from the house and street both sides of the gate planted full of color. Your pictures gives me ideas for planting around my hostas. Thank you for the garden tour.

    1. You will have to create a blog so we can all see your hard work! Thanks for coming by.


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