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January 5, 2012

Holiday Visit at Longwood Gardens

Hello fellow bloggers 
and Happy New Year!
I had an opportunity to visit
Longwood Gardens again
while visiting in Pennsylvania
this past holiday!
This is the home of the Pierre duPont
the founder of Longwood Gardens.
The home was originally owned by a
Quaker farmer- George Peirce who 
purchased the land from William Penn 
in 1700. The home built by the Peirce 
family was updated and added on to by 
Mr. duPont in 1914.  My feature is a 
collection of pictures I took while visiting 
this home on our tour of
Longwood Gardens.
 I didn't get far and was intrigued with 
these giant hinges for these doors on
the side of the original home.
Apparently these fold back to open.
 I stared at these old steps and thought
about the many footsteps that had 
occurred over the many years
it served as a family home.
Coming around to the front of
the home I was intrigued by
this Wisteria. Can you imagine
how beautiful this must be when
it's blooming!!
 As we entered the conservatory
this music box was playing.  It
certainly added a nice touch!
This room is described as a living
room conservatory.  It joins the
two wings of the home.  I love this
idea.  Can you imagine during the
gloomy winter months being able
to sit in here and collect some bright
light and enjoy the live plants?  
It has to be good for the soul!
 There were a pair of these child
sized chairs on either side of the 
bench. I actually got a picture of a 
child sitting in it but I decided not to
show it to preserve his privacy.
Of course there are lots of 
poinsettias for the holiday.
 This is a large living room where
they are playing a video that gives
a history of the home and Longwood
Gardens.  It's right off the conservatory
near the palm trees.
This is a map drawer which included
blue prints for the home and grounds.
A very large bookcase
 In the center of this large
home between the two wings
is this grand stair case. We
aren't allowed to enter past 
here or go up to the 2nd floor.
Now we're heading to the right
side of the home.
Immediately on the right is
this very tiny staircase.
The stairs in the original home
leading up to the bedroom level.
There are a lot of rooms and
everyone of them has a fireplace!
It must have been a lot of work
keeping a home cozy and warm
back then!
 The office of Mr. duPont

Beautiful desk and bookcases

 The home is set up like a museum
with information and pictures
displayed.  It was busy and hard
to take time to study things for long.
 This tree sets next to the
large windows that I showed
in the beginning that fold out to open
the room. 
 A kitchen fireplace with the
swing out metal arms for
the pots.
 This tile floored room has built ins
for china and other goods. I imagine
it was a food prep area since we are
almost to the newer kitchen.

 This kitchen even has it's own safe!
Can you imagine! They displayed some
silver pieces in it, but I am amazed that
someone would put such a large safe
in a kitchen! The room also had a modern
linen dryer/heater in it too! Pretty
snazzy for the early 1900's
All done!
 Back out to the conservatory area.

So that's a wrap on my tour of this house!

This is a link to my garden blog
where I posted about the
beautiful conservatory and garden
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you
enjoyed the tour too!



  1. What a great tour, Liz! The conservatory in the house is so amazing and would be wonderful to have during cold winters.

  2. looks like a lovely place. Thanks, Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. I LIKE the idea of a safe in the kitchen! Let's see...what could I hide in there? Hmmmm....maybe all the fattening foods I know I'm not supposed to eat? That would be a pretty good start! :-) Man...I can only imagine the grandeur of that place up close and in person!!!

  4. I find old homes so fascinating!! That kitchen area was incredible. A very beautiful home, thanks for the tour! Hope you had a great Christmas and visit with your Mom. I just saw your nice tablescape you did for her, that was very special! I bet she loved it. The dishes were adorable. I'm still in the process of taking down decorations. It's a lot more fun to put them up than take them down lol!! Hopefully I'll have it done by Valentine's Day lol!! Take care and happy New Year.

  5. Oh, I would love to visit there. Thanks for taking us on tour. The hinges really interest me, too...and the conservatory.

  6. What a fabulous mansion tour! I can't even imagine myself in such an inmense house! The kitchen is totally amazing...and with a safe!! Thank you for the lovely comments dear Liz. I have a 1 year Bloggie giveaway, I'd love it if you visit my last post and just coment on the gift and that's it. Hope your new year is the best ever aweet friend. Hugs,


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