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January 4, 2012

Touring at Longwood Gardens

We were visiting our son in Pennsylvania
over the Christmas/New Years holiday 
and we went to Longwood Gardens 
for a tour. It's my 2nd Christmas visiting 
there. This year was so warm we were 
able to walk around the grounds before 
we went into the conservatory to see all 
of their floral decorations.
This is a long post- get some coffee or tea and read on!   
 Of course it's technically winter now
so there aren't flowers blooming outside, 
but it was a very pleasant tour just
the same.

I took pictures of bare trees because
I like their architecture

 The Square fountain
 A garden of Wisterias
I'd love to see these blooming!
 Even the Canada Geese were
enjoying the day
 We weren't sure what these men
were doing, but it looked interesting
 The Canopy Cathedral 
tree house

 The Italian Water Gardens
Pruned Little Leaf Linden Trees
  I was told this is a London Plane
 Not positive what this tree
is but it's huge..
 This one is a 
Princess Tree from China
 The Peirce-duPont Home with a
conservatory between two wings
of the home
 I have to say if I suddenly get rich
I want one of these for my home!!
Mr. duPont spent his money wisely!
This is one of the latter additions he
made to the home.

 A tree decorated with bird houses
and dried grasses

 This bridge leads to a nice little
restaurant where we enjoyed a
warm cup of coffee and some
 I'm up on the bridge looking 
down here…

Heading towards the 
conservatory now
It's a huge place...let's go in!

 There is a fair amount of people
visiting..it's nearly impossible
to get a photo without someone
else in it!
 These paper whites were very
pungent and stood out the minute
we came in the door...

 This faces the ballroom where there
is an organ with over 10,000 pipes

 A topiary of red poinsettias


 Fountains of all sorts throughout

These were the prettiest and
most soft colored poinsettias I've
ever seen.  
They are called 
Euphoriba Pulcherrima 
(Visions of Grandeur)

 This is a long hallway with bathrooms
surrounded by walls of live
 It's amazing

 Decorated trees throughout

 The children at the local 
schools make decorations for 
trees each year.
Always a fun bunch of trees
to see

Outside the conservatory are these
fabulous formal grounds.  At night they
are lit with Christmas lights and it's
gorgeous.  We had to leave before
nightfall but we saw them last year.

I hope you enjoyed the tour- 
I know I did!


  1. Liz, these images are just stunning! I can only imagine what the grounds look like in the Spring and Summer! Boy, this makes me want to get out and garden! Too bad it's winter! LOL!

  2. So beautiful! Looks naked outside though doesn't it. The conservatory is just stunning and they might have had a harm time getting me out of there!

  3. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful place. How nice you got to visit your son. I am sure these pictures don't do it justice, as everything is gorgeous. How sweet to be able to visit in the spring. Winter does have it's drawbacks as far as color. Looks like a wonderful Christmas escape and to also share with your family.

  4. I am now a new follower of both of your blogs. I love your home and Oh how I love to garden so this is wonderful! Thanks for visiting me at Hibiscus House.


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