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November 15, 2011


With the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching
and all that Turkey we will be eating- 
I thought it was rather ironic to see these
wild Turkey's show up!
Little do they know how some would like
to go after them!
Myself, I'm just a peaceful observer.
I love nature and I love that these birds feel
comfortable enough to visit!
Bare with me on the poor quality. 
I'm having camera problems. 
A new camera is on m Christmas list!
They are funny to watch, they literally run
out of the woods and head into the property.
I shot this one from the bedroom...there is
a screen on the window
so it added some interference.
They come by the bird feeding station
and scratch around for food.  

A pair of them went for a drink at the bird bath...
Bet you haven't seen that before!
 They don't stay more than 5 to 10 minutes
 They wander off foraging for more to eat!
They will head out back to the field and work
their way across the fields.  They come here
quite often, especially lately!

One of the reasons I fell in love with the
area we live in is the great birding we have.
I've seen more varieties here than I ever had
my whole life.  There are various reasons for
this being a good birding area.  There is a
lake not far away to our West, there is a
large open field behind us to the East and on
 our South side we have this tall stand
of woods.
So many species of birds have the type of
landscape they prefer all in a small area.
Our back yard is friendly to them too
and with the bird feeding station we
created they have access to food all
the time.

We installed this last year. A tall 12 ft.
pressure treated post was installed.
The black baffle is to prevent the
squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons
from getting up the post.  The bottom of it is
3 ft. off the ground so the raccoons can't s
tretch up there and try to get on.
They are very crafty!
The hangers are sold for hanging baskets.
I had them mounted upside down because
they hold the feeders better.
We mounted them at different heights
and all the birds seem quite happy with it.
It really works too...no critters get up there
to eat!


  1. This must be just amazing to see this in person! What awesome photos!! I can't wait to see more of your garden, in the future!

  2. we get wild turkeys too! I have posted some of my hubbys photos. you get great shots through your window. my camera dose not do so well, and I have bad double panes that are cloudy ... hubby was stalking them as they made there way through & around our hilly yard. I have several posts if you care to see them look in the tags in the right sidebar for turkeys, (haha) at least 2 posts are from this year. they do run fast, don't they! I love your critter proof post. I have one my friend gave me that needs an extension on the pole part, it has rusted away. it has a squirrel proof feeder that works by weight and 3 arms for other feeders or what ever... and a home made baffle for the raccoons & squirrels, they can climb up that skinny pole! hugs, ~Faythe @ GMT~
    sorry I get long winded~


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