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November 17, 2011

Amaryllis for the Holidays

Well I'm going for it again!
I bought two Amaryllis bulbs at
Lowe's yesterday.
It says 8 weeks till bloom so
I guess I can't count on them 
for Christmas! Darn!
 I was impressed that they came with
their own ceramic pot and for
$8.98 I thought that was a deal!
Of course they usually get a little floppy
and need support but it's enjoyable
to see something blooming in
the winter!
So you get two discs of compressed 
peat moss and dirt 
They instructed me to put the discs in the
pot and add two cups of warm water
to each pot.
Once they absorbed all the water
they filled the pot.  I fluffed a fork
to loosen.
Then I started to sculpt out a hole
for the bulb.
There was way too much soil 
Don't worry I sanitized the counter
when I was done!
 I compressed the soil as I went along
and filled it right up to the top.  
You leave 1 to 2 inches of the bulb
above the soil.
All ready!  Now GROW!!
I put them in the sunniest spot I have
and as you can see we got snow
last night.  It will melt soon 
but for now I'm glad to be inside all
warm and cozy!
 This is one I grew in the winter of
It grew to almost 40" tall
It was difficult to keep it
supported.  They don't usually
get this tall, I just happened to
pick one out that did!
I got a 2nd 
shoot off of it and it bloomed
again. I had this going through
It was one of the prettiest reds I've 
ever seen...I just wished I had it
blooming during the Christmas
This was last years.  Not quite as spectacular.
I've decided I prefer the reds, especially for the
holidays!  These were sold for the 
Susan G. Komen for the cure, for Breast Cancer
research.  A very worthy cause.
Have you ever grown Amaryllis?  It's
extremely easy! Keep them watered 
and watch them grow!


  1. I've never grown them but I see some of you have yours and started them also. Good luck on the blooms and maybe you'll luck out with blooms by Christmas.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Doesn't it just do your soul good to see flowers in the winter? I try to pot up some amaryllis most winters so that I'll have a pick-me-up. I love the scarlet ones, but my favorite are the apple blossom ones. I can't tell you how many times I've bought what were labeled as apple blossom and they bloomed red. Oh well....they're still beautiful. I also save them to rebloom some years and have pretty good luck with that. Barbara

  3. I have not grown Amaryllis and I like how it looks in winter it's very pretty and they are also on sale in Ace Hardware. Gonna have to try this. Happy Weekend do you have snow yet? By the way I am here in SE of MI. ^_^


  4. wow talk about a room with a view...lovely


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