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November 11, 2011


First Snow!
Looking a bit bleak wouldn't you say?
 I don't know about you, but my mind is already
on Thanksgiving Day and I can smell
the turkey and pumpkin pie!!
 Have you ever read  
(click on this link below)

It wasn't a lot but enough to stick to 
surfaces!  It will be melted by early
afternoon!  Thank goodness!  
I'm way behind on my outside duties. 
I lost two weeks with
family matters and moving my 
daughter to her new apartment 
about 200 miles away. 
This weekend is supposed to be dryer
so I will be outside finishing up my 
tasks.  I haven't even emptied my 
pottery yet!  
Time to put away the lawn furniture and 
all my pottery before the big snow comes! 

Today is also Veterans Day
In honor of my Father and
all Veterans
Thank-you for your
service and commitment for
all of us.
My father served in the Air Force during 
World War II. 
He was part of the 
China-Burma-India Theater
also know as "the Hump"
He was stationed in India

You can read about 
"the Hump"


  1. Sorry about your snow when you haven't got your tasks completed. Do you have to protect your pots from the frost in case of shattering?

  2. Yes Tommy- the pottery can crack and burst. I learned the hard way many years ago.

  3. I remember one year we were in church on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and at the end of church service it started snowing. The first snow is pretty cool around here. Some years, the kind of snow you just had is all we get. This was always disappointing to the kids because you can't even sled in it and it melts by the afternoon. I need to remember to put my pots inside, as well if the winter is going to be cold. Last years was too cold for too long for me. I'd never make it up North! Hope you have a great day LIz!


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