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August 24, 2011

Stinky Supertunias

For a couple of weeks we couldn't figure out what this foul smell was that we could only detect when we were on our deck...my husband pointed to my plants on the deck, but I couldn't believe it...It reeked like something died or urine...yuck!!
While visiting my mother's home and where I had also planted the same Supertunia plant we noticed one evening- a very foul smell.... hmmm...Now the wheels are spinning...so when we came back home I removed these pots from the deck and the smell went away.  
I set them on the driveway down below the deck area- and today after the heavy rains we just had that bad smell was back- and right where they were on the driveway.  
So....as much as it pained me to do this, but I yanked out the entire plant from these pots.  Fortunately there were two other plants that I had put in there with them that were still growing but had been hidden by the supertunias...They don't look too bad and I imagine
in the next two weeks they will be showing off nicely!
I wanted to add that these smelled the worst when the whole plant got wet like after a rain or if my sprinkler got them wet.  So imagine coming out after a nice rain to smell the fresh air but instead you got that bad odor instead!  Not good!
 Supertunias called Pretty Much Picasso
 They grew like crazy- in fact they were even larger than this before I pulled the plants out and discarded them today.... 

Growing down in there is Calibroachoa (MiniFamous) 
also called (SuperBells or Million Bells) they look like tiny roses
and Sanvitalia (Sunbini)...little tiny yellow flowers.

Sorry Proven Winners, this one was not a winner in
my book...
 These were not good companions with the supertunias because they became overwhelmed by the them.  I hope to see these get going some more and get that last little burst out of summer!

I know fall is near, but I'm not ready!  I see mums showing up at the garden centers, but I'm not ready to give in!!  


  1. I am sorry you had to pull plants out. That is always a pain when you have gone to the trouble of planting them in the first place. Has anyone else complained about the smell?

  2. liz... just out of surgery a few hours ago, so no caps with my one hand. you asked which part of wi we're located in... actually it's east cenrtal between oshkosh an fdl. regarding the petunia odor.. we haven't noticed any whatsoever. i'm anxious to look through your archives when i get a bit more stamina... larry

  3. Hi Liz,

    I planted some Supertunias and luckily I didn't have this problem. I too would have either moved the pot or ripped them out. Hopefully, your companion plants will look nice until the fall. You sure had some beautiful blooms.

  4. Hi Liz, You are so fortunate to live close to Mackinac Island! It's fabulous fun!!! We plan to go again next summer. You have lovely gardens, Liz. I hadn't noticed any problem with the Supertunia Vista Bubblegum that we have - maybe it is just the Picasso? I see you are a blog friend of Larry's - we went to visit his gardens in 2010 and it was well worth the trip (just in case you were thinking of doing it!)
    Hugs, Beth

  5. Wow I had no idea a plant could smell that bad!! How unfortunate because they look wonderful! Who would have guessed! We learn something new every year don't we.

  6. I have the same foul smell with the same petunia also. We got an inch of rain and the plant had such a foul smell I had to move it away from the house.

  7. I have a Picasso supertunia basket that is BEAUTIFUL and about 5 foot long. It has a terrible smell, moldy, musty, stink foot smell! Luckily we have a very arge yard and it HAD to be moved to the other end, about 150 feet away. Broke my heart as it is just beautiful!

    1. I wish I knew who you were "anonymous". Yes they smelled awful and I had also planted some at y Mom's and the same thing happened.

  8. I, too, have had the stink problem. Really, really bad. The first year, I thought it was root rot from an overly wet pot. I gave it a second chance the next year and discovered it is actually the plant when it gets wet. Maybe that's why Proven Winners has come out with a new Picasso this year.."Picasso in Pink" ..maybe they've bred the smell out of it...

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  10. I have a supertunia also and the smell is overwhelming. The plant looks beautiful but after a rain the smell is horrible. Does any one know off a way to rid the plant of the smell?

  11. pretty much Picasso is the only one I have had a smell with. Love all the other supertunias, especially the Bubblegum


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