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August 11, 2011

Garden Nook

I did a little tweaking in my garden nook by the water fountain.
 I recently acquired these large heavy planters that I think go much better with the fountain than anything I've found or tried yet.  They came pre-planted so they were ready to go! 
I also added a very small gazing globe that I had to the fountain basin...I like watching it float around when I sit out there...funny how something simple like that can be interesting!

A shot with the sun shining in...it always looks so pretty in the morning hours as the sun walks across the back and casts it rays on the garden!

I also brought back my second garden bench which I had moved to another spot.
This is the 3rd year for this new area we added to our patio.  I'm real pleased with the hostas and how well they've filled in and help outline the area so nicely. I made this up on the spot as I went along, there was no formal plan.  That seems to be how I do a lot of things!  Spontaneous!
 These are my attempts to catch this bumble bee enjoying the nectar from the flowers the hostas are producing.  I leave them up until they are ugly and then snip them off.  I've also been enjoying seeing the hummingbirds buzzing in and around these flowers too.  A lot of people cut them off and don't like them, but I feel this is a more friendly garden for the birds and bees! 
 The impatiens filled out a lot more on this side than the other. Even though they are shade lovers, apparently a little bit of sun does them good!  This area receives some late in the day sun for a brief period.

I really love this variety of Impatiens this year...they are called Mosaic Lilac...I like the different tones  and the color.  
These are  some Super Elfin/Blush Impatiens I put in a couple of planters with a spike in the top...they flank the opening of the courtyard area by the fountain
I save the descriptive tags that come with my annuals every year.  I refer back to them the next spring in case I want to go find that exact variety again.  There is some Hypoestes/white (Polka Dot Plant) in there too but the  impatiens took over and you can hardly see them.  I think they need more sun too so I won't mix them together again!

So that's my tweaking and conversatioin about my garden today!
How's your garden doing?


  1. Hi Liz,

    OMG! Your garden nook with new planters and gazing ball is stunning! You have created such a relaxing area with the pretty shade plants. Just look at those impatiens. You can come over and tweak my garden anytime :-)

  2. amazing garden, beautiful fountain:)gardens & nature gives us time to relax, enjoy and refresh our faith..
    subhan Allah


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