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August 31, 2011

It's all about the Hydrangeas!

 Well summer is winding down, and I hate to
admit that! 
I strolled around the yard and snapped
a few pictures.  
This time of year around here it's all about
the hydrangeas! 
 These Limelights on the left were planted a year ago in the spring and the Endless Summer hydrangeas were planted at least 5 years ago.    I cut a bunch of these and gave them to my mother and daughter this past weekend. 
 The flowering has slowed down on the Endless Summer's and some of the flowers are turning color.
I'm real happy with this new one too called Vienna (Out of the Cityline series)
It's cheerful pink flowers are great and it's low growth habit makes it perfect on the corner like I have it planted.
I also planted a new one last year called Pinky Winky and it's coming along very nicely!  As each flower matures they will continue to grow larger and the pink that's at the bottom of the panicle will deepen with color.  I'm just tickled that it's doing so well and it keeps it's shape nicely too!
 Out front on my little island my 6 year old
Limelight hydrangea has developed really
well.  I can't get enough of how pretty they
are.  These a very reliable, and you can
trim them back or leave them alone, either
way they do great! None of mine get what
you would call all day sun, but these do get a
fair amount- probably 3 to 4 hours minimum.
The stand of woods by us is on the south side
so we are protected from the hottest part
of the sun.

My Russian Sage and Black Eyed Susans are about the last perennials blooming...however I am pleased that my delphinium is making a second showing! I think in a few days the flowers will be opening up!
This Rudbeckia-Hortensia or Golden Glow has been in my possession since I was in my late teens.  A neighbor gave me a clump and I've moved it to every place I've lived.  It can get as tall as 6 ft.  It always seems to get this powdery mildew about the same time it flowers.  It's always disappointing to see the mildew but for the most part the plant seems to handle it.
 I'll leave you with a few random shots of some annuals that are still hanging in there!

 Baby Tears...such a sweet plant...I'm definitely going to bring it in and keep it going through the winter!
My flying pig statue has all but disappeared behind these cosmos...I thought it would be cute with them circled around it, but they got much larger than I anticipated!  A few of these are 5 ft. tall now!
And finally my arbor- these morning glories and Sweet Autumn Clematis (neither of which has bloomed yet) have surrounded my little fairy and garden sign...

I'm still enjoying what's left of summer and I hope you are too!

I'm so sorry to see all the peril the East coast has been in after
Hurricane Irene left her mark last weekend.
I hate to admit how darn nice it's been here, but I guess that's how it goes.

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  1. Liz, I am a hydrangea lover!And yours are stunning! As is everything in your garden. How do you keep them so fresh looking...lot's of work I suspect!

  2. Amazing! I love those gorgeous hydrangea. Your garden is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your pretty pictures for Fresh-Cut Friday! :)


  3. Beautiful hydrangeas, every one.
    I've blogged about them for Fresh Cut Friday too, even when they fade I think they're charming.

  4. Your gardens still look like they're very happy and healthy-enjoy! Lovin' your flying pig too:@)

  5. I just found your beautiful garden over at fresh Cut Friday. So glad I did, your hydranges are beautiful. I now following you..stop by for a visit..

  6. Love your Hydrageas. I have them also and they are wonderful. I am your new follower and would love you to stop by and follow back.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. Dear Liz, first I must say I love,love,love that burst of yellow rays on your background. It is stunning! Then I want to say thank you for following me and adding my blog to those you follow. The only problem is my follow button on top of my page is not working. When you get a moment could you follow me using my google follow button on the side of my followers to join. I would love folks to know you are following me and then they can also find you. Thanks so much..I dislike these small blogger issues..LOL!

  8. Oh my goodness, your hydrangeas are gorgeous. They are one of my favorite flowers. There is something very special about a yard that has hydrangea bushes. Beautiful!
    Have a great weekend.

  9. I really like the hydrangea. They are great how long the flowers last. Followed you in from Sunray and am a new follower. Come by when you can and follow if you like. Thanks.
    Ohio Outdoors

  10. Hi Liz
    Thank you for visiting and your kind comments, you thought we live near Mackinac Island but southern Ontario actually, I see we have gardening in common for sure, I'll be back to see more of your gardens.

  11. Ohh, how I love hydrangeas. I fell in love with them on a trip to Oregon. I am sad to say they won't grow in Idaho or Utah thanks to the Great Salt Lake. Adding acid to the soil would be too labor intensive with risky results. I wonder though about growing one in a large pot? What do you think? Maybe one like your pink slow grower?
    Just so beautiful!!

  12. So many pretty's your blog is beautiful.
    Happy September & hugs
    from Savannah, Cherry

  13. Your garden is stunning!
    Beauty in every corner!

  14. Wow, you really are into hydrangeas, aren't you. I love your courtyard. It's magazine cover quality stuff. Such a beautiful yard.
    Glad to have uncovered your blog.

  15. Your garden does look amazng. I adore all of your beautiful hydrangas. It's stunning!
    So many colors and vivid. It would be a pleasure to sit with you in your lovely garden.
    Great photography skills Liz.

  16. Hi Liz,

    Your hydrangeas are gorgeous and you have so many of them! I really need to plant one next year. Things are starting to wind down here with the exception of sedum and ornamental grasses. I hope you are having a great week.


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