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February 9, 2011

Romancing Valentine's Day

Do you romance the idea of Valentine's Day?

How do you visualize your 
Valentine's Day...


Do you have a secret hope for something like this?

Do you see yourself sharing 
a romantic booth 
with a private setting?

How about an intimate table setting for two 
at a romantic spot like this?

Do you have a favorite restaurant that you love to go to?

Would you love to have an cozy setting like this with a beautiful outdoor location?

How about a cozy romanic evening with some  friends...

Maybe you will include a trip to the theater?

Do you love to top off your dining experience with a lovely dessert?

Are you going to set the mood
with some champagne...
Or are you happy just to get a traditional box of chocolate candies from your love?

How do you like to spend your Valentine's Day...
Love to hear you comments!


  1. Hi lovely lady.I love all the photos of Tablescapes just lovely.
    I post my Valentine's Day Tablescape on my blog. I hope you can come join me sweet lady.xxoo
    I hope you and your family have a Great Evening and keep warm.xxoo

  2. We spend our Valentine's day at home. My husband cooks for us and I make the table look pretty. My husband always brings all his girls flowers and I give everyone chocolates!

  3. Liz, You are clever in asking everyone what they would like on Valentine's Day.
    It all depends. Sometimes we go out to a nice dinner and of course have a devilish dessert. Sometimes I cook. Our very first date, Paul took me to a wonderful restaurant in Calistoga, wine country. We sat in front of a gorgeous fireplace with candlelight and wine. I would love it all. I think most of us Ladies would enjoy any of these lovely ideas.

  4. My husband and kids always make sure I get a box of chocolates, so they can eat some! LOL They are really pretty good to me. I can't complain. Have a great Valentine's Day.

  5. Love all your posts.Your home is so pretty and inviting. Thank you for sharing all your ideas. My husband always buys me flower,candy usually my favorite Beautiful by Estee Lauder.Since I got that for Christmas I am not sure what we will do. We always dine with our 3 children(in high school college and grad school hunting)!

  6. Hi lovely lady. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Valentine's Day Tablescapes ~~~
    so sweet of you sweet lady !!! I hope you have a nice day and keep warm xxoo

  7. Interesting post Liz... I really enjoyed... Although at our side it is not as celebrated as a tradition but if I think than I want to go for a day spend on some beautiful hill station with my family and have full day fun there

  8. They all sound lovely Liz. I adore this sweet holiday. We were married a week later. I can't believe twelve years is almost here.

    Have a great weekend.
    ~Melissa :)

  9. We usually just have a quiet dinner at home, we both cook, then retire to the living and watch our wedding video, or any other "home" videos that include the kids and later "hang the do not disturb sign" ;-) LOL. Its just amazing how much we enjoy just being together after almost 22 yrs!

  10. Oh Liz...thanks for coming, I love all youdo, everything is beautiful, honey, the dishes, those gorgeous napkins, the whole thing is romantic and elegant. Hope you join me too so we can be more blog, nesting friends!
    Thank you for sharing.


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