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February 6, 2011

The Games People Play...

How about a game of Yahtzee! 
More ideas for chasing the winter blues away..
 I got an e-mail from Frontgate.com for their sale items
(the other games are Stratego, Clue and Sorry) 
As soon as I saw this bookshelf style edition of Yahtzee I knew it was for me! 
Yahtzee is an old time favorite of mine and with the shelving unit on my new desk I knew immediately it was meant to be!  
I love the presentation of this...
Very nice quality- love the interior and all the game pieces.  
Even the score pad has it's own protective cover and they included a set of four pencils with Yahtzee on them.
The dice are antiqued and the leather like quality of the game box is very nice..   You may wish to check it out yourself Frontgate.com
Ready for a game? I am!  
Of course it will be more fun when it's nighttime and the fireplace is on
and some nice music in the background...
Hmm..maybe a nice glass of wine to make it even more relaxing!
As they say, keep the fires burning! 


  1. Oh I just love these! I am going to check them out for my family! Leave it to Frontgate to come up with it;)!

    I have been peeking around your site and it is lovely! Can't wait to return! I am off to look around some more!

  2. Very cute! Would definitely look good displayed on a shelf and not hidden away in a closet with all the other games.

  3. Very pretty game Liz. It should be displayed. I remeber playing it years ago.

    I highlighted your blog today in my post! I hope it's okay with you...:)

  4. Love these,,,,,found your blog through Melissa....Love it...

    Happy Sunday

  5. I hope you had fun playing games! Hey I wrote you a note not sure if youve gotten it but my blog was all messed up so I had to recreate a new one.. Id love it if you came and followed me there. Thanks girl!


  6. Hi Liz! I saw Melissa's sweet shout-out to you and just had to come by! Everything is just lovely here and I'm looking forward to peeking around some more. :-) My sister and I have been blogging for awhile but just recently launched a new blog together. Stop by sometime if you get a chance!

  7. Hi Liz, that yahtzee game is so very cool in the 'book'. Very nice for display purposes. One of my best family vacations was when we played games in the evenings together. So fun! A nice glass of wine is enjoyable during the games as well :) I really appreciate your visits and all the kind comments. I love your posts, my problem is I just don't seem to have enough time these days! I am following (I thought I already was), but anyway, I'll be back soon!

  8. The game look so elegant. great for display purposes. I played it alot growing up.

  9. I had never seen a bookshelf edition before. That is so cute. And practical too. Thanks for sharing - I will go check out that website.

  10. What a pretty way to display a game! Love it ~


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