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February 5, 2024

Greetings Early February!


I'm jumping a bit ahead and decorating for spring already!  We are having such a mild winter up north here in Michigan.  Temps are higher than normal around the 40ยบ mark during the day, and not a whole lot of snow!  I can tell the days are getting longer already so that makes me happy!

I got some daffodils from Michael's which I thought looked pretty realistic! 
The runner was from Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago.

The MacKenzie Childs (MC) lantern and candle are new since Christmas and I love the MC cow.  The creamy white pitcher I picked up long ago and has cows on it too.

These are MC planters I got on sale and the bunny was a find many years ago.

Some more MC on the lower shelf.

And lastely some indoor gardening.  My Amaryllis are still blooming.  
The flowers began the end of  December and I've gotten at least 2 shoots off of each bulb so I'm having a 2nd time around with them!  Charley our 10 mos. old Siamese likes to inspect!
This one was absolutely huge, called Sofia
 These were fabulous, a striking color called Neon

And these were also quite beautiful, called Magical Touch
The yellow green one is called Yellow Star
That's my update for now!


  1. Your blooms are incredibly beautiful, Liz, and I like the daffs you found at Michael's -- and especially that bunny. Do you still have any snow up there? Not a flake down here!

    1. Yes we still have snow but after the warm temps this week I believe it will all be gone!

  2. January seemed like it was six months long. I’m with you, I am totally ready to decorate for spring. Just the other day I dug out a pair of bunnies and put them in my hutch. It pleases me to look at them. Your amaryllis are gorgeous! You found some beautiful colors. I could totally get on board with those colors. In the past, I’ve only ended up with the red ones, that were about 3 feet tall and gangly, and I told myself never again. I think you may have changed my mind here.


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