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July 19, 2018

Honey Bee La Cherry!

The metal chargers ground the look for this very casual table.  I used a lot of my favorites for this one!
I adore this tablecloth.  With it’s lemons, apples, grapes, strawberries and cherries done in a very retro style I can’t help but love it!  I've used this tablecloth before for one of my all time favorite tables called Cheery Cherry Blue that you can see "here"
I cut several of my Annabelle Hydrangea stems and clustered them into this large mason jar.  I popped in some yellow day lilies and a few of my red geraniums.  I used alum to dip the hydrangea stems into so I hope they'll last a good while.  Only thing though the clear water got milky looking and I didn't expect that.  
Cherries  are being harvested around our area so I decided I'd pull out my favorite cherry glasses and my honeybee dishes. Bees are the primary pollinators that the orchards rely on.  These green checked napkins are real favorite which added another casual layer.

You might enjoy seeing this video.  This is how they get the cherries off the trees with a 
"cherry shaker"  This is from a local farm.

The cherry glasses came from a local store- no brand name.

These day lilies are called Sunday Gloves.  They are such a delicate pale yellow color with a soft rippled edge, truly a favorite of mine.

I hope you enjoyed my Honey Bee La Cherry tablescape!
A recent cherry pie I made!  I use a plastic lattice pie dough cutter to make the pattern.  Here is a link to one just like mine "lattice pie top cutter" This is the "pie filler "I use- no need to do anything but add it to the shell and bake.  I like it better than any other I've used because it has more cherries and the flavor is fabulous.


July 17, 2018

Landscape Projects New and Updated

Update on my Japanese Garden
Early in June we put out some mulch and I took this picture.

This is located at our driveway turnaround area which was cleared last year and I got the idea to create a mini Japanese garden.  The little red Japanese maple in the corner was part of the inspiration.  I did a post about it last year which can be seen "here" that shows the transformation.

Sadly the little red Japanese maple the inspired me didn't come back this year.  I knew it was iffy because I had transplanted it during the summer months when it was leafed out which is a no-no.  

I decided to look for something to go in the same area and came across this Fine Line Fern Leaf Buckthorn shrub which I liked immediately.  I love the leaf texture and overall body shape.  It's a new shrub to me and I'm surprised I was so unfamiliar with it.  It won't get very large (only 5 to 7 ft. tall x 2 to 3 ft. wide) so it will be perfect for this garden.  Hardiness zones are 2 to 7 so it won't have any problems in our Zone 5 area.

I also found this new hosta in the forefront called Yankee Blue.  I liked the color and the leaf shape- it has a lot of fullness.

I also picked up a new red Japanese Maple and centered it in the garden.  Placed behind the Japanese pagoda style lantern I think it's going to look wonderful once it's a lot larger.

On the left side I had transplanted hostas from the back gardens and they all came back nicely including the painted Japanese Painted Ferns which are on the backside of the large rock.

New Project Hydrangeas gone!
This picture is from last year.  I was again so disappointed with the Endless Summer hydrangeas (on the right side) that this year I made a radical decision and removed them.  I planted them in 2010 and have had too many years with little to no blooms.  There's a valid explanation about the blooming issue which is explained in this article if you care to read "here".  

June 2018

This year was particularly bad and that's when I threw in the towel on growing these.
Yes I will miss their beautiful mop heads but as I age I want things that are easy to create for a reliable.
In early June Dan helped me get the hydrangeas pulled out and we removed the path stones so we could adjust where they lay after the new shrubs are planted.

At the same garden center where I got the Japanese Maple shown above I found these Pink Sparkler Spireas.  These will only get to be 3-4 ft. wide and 3-4 ft. tall.  They also get a 2nd bloom in the autumn that follow along the branches and the leaves will turn a purple color in the fall.

As soon as the old hydrangeas were gone I liked how much more open the overall feel was.  I marked and planted these and love how it looks much better now.

I have several varieties of Spireas in the yard and they always do well so that's why I decided to go with these.   As I planted each one I added in a mix of a organic compost and cow manure with the garden soil to enrich it which is in my cart.

After these were placed I also dug and relocated some tulips next to these that were over in the area of the fairy garden.  Praying they'll come back next spring!

On the left side are limelight hydrangeas and before long there will be a profusion of white blossoms!   I like how it's so much more open now too so it was a win win project!

Update on a project from last year...
Late last summer we did another landscape demolition and renewal along the side of the house as seen "here" in this post. 
We gutted everything out and planted Blue Muffin Viburnums

I was so happy to see how well these came back this year.  These pictures were taken in the spring when they bloomed.

Viburnums are another shrub that come back well up here so along with the spireas they are high on my list of favorites!

As you can see the blooms just kept getting larger as the days went by.  Soon there will be little blue berries and the birds love them!
So that's my landscape projects new and updated!

I have two more to show but this has been a long enough post.  I'll share them another day.

July 15, 2018

Mid July Planters and Backyard Gardens

The giant elephant ears plant is living up to it's name!  This is my first time ever growing one so I really didn't know what to expect. 

Ok I measured the leaf and it's 30" from tip to tip!  It's interesting to watch it grow.  The rounded stem that you see below this leaf is starting to split open on the back side and a new leaf will emerge.  Eventually the stem looks like the one in the background with more of a celery stalk shape.  Each leaf stem is where the newest ones come from.

Last time I showed it- it barely had a start.  You can see a bit of it sticking out in the center.

The straw flower plant (Bracteantha- Mohave Orange) is doing very well.  The straw flowers have definitely taken over!

This was back in May when I planted it.  An ornamental pepper plant is in the center.

The ornamental pepper is being crowded out.  I may trim the straw flowers to create more space for it.  I read up on them and technically they can be eaten but they say the flavor is very disappointing since these were cultivated to just be ornamental so we'll just enjoy looking at them!

Love this Calibrachoa (Superbells) "lemon slice" plant.  

Planted in May

The nonstop Mocca orange begonias are getting larger all the time.  I just love this color!

Back in May I put in three plants

I added another caladium.  We stopped at a garden center and it was half off.  It was sitting there all pretty all by it's lonesome so I "had" to take it home!  😉

The Deep Orange impatiens have gotten much larger.  I always look forward to seeing them fill out.

In May- the hostas were barely up at that point.

The fountain area is always so quiet and relaxing.  The algae has gotten away on us- we have to clean it every so often.  A bit of water and bleach does the trick! 

I put in these double white astilbe called “ Younique White” plants last year and they've come back very nicely.

Next to them on the left is another variety that has pink flowers but so far there's no sign of flowers.  I may have to divide them.

The bicycle planter has taken off nicely.  White wave petunias and "Brocade Wilhelm Langguth" geranium 

This was in in May when I first planted it.  

The Annabelle Hydrangeas are coming along nicely.  Such a carefree plant- always comes back and puts on a show!  The blooms will become larger as they continues to develop.

A month ago before the hydrangea took over!

I have a mischievous chipmunk that runs through tipping things and digging.  I keep finding holes and landscape materials strewn about.  Oh well I have to expect it!

This little plant is flowering the cutest little periwinkle flowers- love it!  It's call Blue Star Creeper and should come back each year.

I picked up this little yellow flower/lantern set recently- too cute!

I relocated the potting shed.  Don't you just want to shrink down and go inside!

I planted some zinnias that are popping up in-between the hydrangea flowers.  

I recently showed you this new cottage that we created the roof for and then I found the other stone cottage at Michael's to add in.

I added some flowers yesterday to the window boxes.  I hot glued them in so they won't fall out.

I dug these out from the big white planters in front of the garage.  The purple superunias were covering them up so I gave them a new home.  They've recovered from the transplant and should start filling out quickly.

At first it was a nice mix but after a while...

The purple took over- even more than what is shown here.

This planter turned out pretty crazy.  The white wave petunia in the center has all but disappeared.  The cabbage are blocking all the light.

I had it on the bistro table but it became too large so now it's on this pedestal.  I think I'll dig out the white wave petunia and replant it.  It's a little dark today as we are expecting rain.

This was it when I planted it- too bad I didn't realize just how big those plants would get!

As you can see the ornamental cabbage plant really got huge! 

How innocent it was when I planted it!

Back in May 

Unfortunately half of this waterfall begonia on this side got ill and I lost better than half of it.  The other one on the left side held on fine so I do't know why that happened.  I moved the watering can over here to make a nice accent.

Bandana Red Lantana and a Dracaena plant.  The lantana blooms constantly- love it and so do the butterflies!

Planted in May in my favorite planter that was gifted to me from my hubby Dan last year.

My pink flower garden has been busy with various flowers blooming.
This is a Bee Balm (Mondara, Pardon My Pink).  It smells so good- I really didn't expect that.  I got it on sale at a garden center and it was very root bound so it should be happier now!  That's a second bloom behind the lemon balm of a pink lupine that I was so tickled came back!

This was the first bloom at the end of June.  I fell in love with it's soft pink color immediately when I spotted it at a garden center last year.

 I also found a pair of these Pentas (lanceolata) plants on half off at the same place- I couldn't very well walk away from that- right??  Attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds!

Don't you love this color!   These are Tiny Pearl Asiatic Lily

Well I better stop before you fall asleep!  LOL



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