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July 26, 2018

Gardens Out Front

Hello everyone!
Just a reminder that tomorrow is our monthly
Garden Party- looking forward to seeing your garden posts!

Out front of our house is a small island that we created to help with privacy from the road and to reduce some of the noise that comes from the traffic going by.

The Zagreb coreopsis have been blooming and some shasta daisies along with various cone flowers.  These pink cone flowers are called Little Annie.

Solar Flare Coneflower

This is a hosta that can handle some sun called Orange Marmalade.  When it starts out in the spring the leaves have a tinge of orange in them and then it becomes more of a lemony yellow.

On the other end of the island some phlox are blooming, more cone flowers and a Rapido Blue Campanula or Bellflower down on the lower left.

I love the fragrance of the phlox plants.

These shorter cone flowers are called Pixie Meadowbrite.  They've been great coming back year after year and work well for a border plant.

This is a hydrangea called Pinky Winky.  

The flowers start off white but will shift to a combination of deep pink to light pink with tips of white.

This is my "Forgotten Garden" as I refer to it.  It's a bit hidden because of a big blue spruce tree and it gets less attention because I forget about it! 

Cone flower


Mardis Gras Helenium (Sneezeweed) 
Deer and Rabbit Resistant and attracts butterflies!

Heliopsis, Tuscan Sun (False Sunflower)  This is considered the most compact heliopsis plant available and it also attracts butterflies.

Don't forget to join us tomorrow morning
for the Garden  Party!


  1. Everywhere I look your gardens are beautiful! And how do you keep deer from eating your flowers? Every one of my blooms in the front and side yards have been nipped off.

  2. Liz, you have so much gardening knowledge! I wish you could come here and help me!

    Love your island bed. I've just been telling my husband we need to do this in our front yard.

  3. Liz, these are my favorite kinds of gardens - a variety of perennials with no rhyme or reason to their placement. I love your island bed. Happy gardening!

  4. Liz, your gardens are beautiful and you have a marvelous collection of beautiful plants. But, oh my are your spruce trees magnificent. I so love them, but we have a town lot and do not have room for one to fully mature and be gorgeous like yours.

    I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog and your gardens. I will return.

  5. Wowza, your island is beautiful and full of happiness. Those ginormous trees are stunning too. Love it!

  6. Very impressive, Liz! You can tell you love it by how beautifully it is tended.

  7. I like the lush mix of plants and flowers. It is so pleasing to look at. And with the shade I can imagine cooling off there on a hot day. - Margy

    1. Thank you Margy- yes the shade here provides a lot of comfort especially during the hot days of summer. So glad you joined the Garden Party!

  8. So pretty and so colorful!! That is one large Blue Spruce. How long has it been there?
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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