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September 6, 2017

Transitional Look for Kitchen Dining Area

I'm not ready to jump in all the way just yet with fall decorating.  The sunflowers came from the farmer's market and inspired my idea for decorating this area.

I've used the sunflower dishes before and the tall black pitcher that goes with them.

Since apples and sunflowers are currently available it seemed like the perfect transitional look before I go into fall decorating.

I tried a couple of different candles and these won out.  They're a pale green and the ceramic candle holders looked the best after I tried a couple of other ideas.

This stick mat is from Pier 1 and sold as a placemat.  I put two in tandem on the top to look like a runner and it worked out quite well.  I can see this transitioning into a winter  look too!

I snuck a pumpkin in but since it's a metal tone I decided it was neutral looking and could allow it!

I'm still playing around with this area but I got a good enough start to share it.  

I added the owl pitcher after trying various other ideas.  The coloring worked best.  The metal bowl will probably have pumpkins in it before long.

The owl plates came in two colors and I got two of each.  These would work nicely for some cheese and crackers with wine.

I found this plate rack recently and mounted it in the corner under the clock.  I thought it would be a decent spot for it.  

These plates are a favorite so I can enjoy seeing them every day.
(Myott Queens French Country Rooster)


It's been raining a lot on and off.  It's hard to get good lighting under the circumstances.  Enjoying every day still full of natural beauty outdoors!

Wet and cool mornings!


  1. Oh so pretty. It looks like the beginning of fall.

  2. I adore those sunflower plates and pitchers! (Of course, the rooster plates, too, as always.) Very pretty with your table adorned with fresh sunflowers. Your yard is amazing, and I know it's a lot of work. It's so nice to have such gorgeous things to look at whether inside or out! Perfectly lovely. :-)

  3. The sunflowers sure take us right into fall. Love the sunflower plates and the pitcher. Your gardens always looking just stunning. Your hydrangeas are so showy.

  4. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!!!!!!!!! Perfectly crafted!

  5. I have my sunflowers out, too, Liz! (Great minds think alike). I love those twig mats, great texture and your new plate rack fits perfectly in that spot. Your gardens just get prettier every post!! Happy weekend!

  6. Everything looks so pretty! The plate rack is fabulous and you chose the perfect spot for it. Love your outdoor rooms...perfect place for morning coffee.


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