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December 7, 2016

Silvery Santa and Sleigh

I've used this silvery sleigh and santa a few times.  

Each year I dressed up the sleigh a bit differently.
I collected these silvery pieces from a local garden center near my Mom's home over a few year period including the candles.

The sun was in and out throughout the day.

This year I kept it simple by adding some greenery and a couple or ornaments.  Last year I added the white fur trim to the sleigh.


Making things pretty for the Holiday's is something I really enjoy!

Please come back- there is more to come!


  1. So pretty. I loved seeing how you changed the sleigh every year. The white fur adds a beautiful touch!

  2. The sleigh looks great this year. Love the fur.

  3. The sleigh is gorgeous. Mine might be similar to yours. It looks lovely dressed in white flanked by the lovely candle holders.

  4. Well, Liz you certainly do make things pretty! Your sweet little sleigh with Santa looks lovely through the years! Have fun decorating. ♥

  5. I love seeing that sled. I always adore the fur


  6. I love seeing your sled each year! Beautiful, as always! Zenda

  7. Hi Liz, this is stunning!! Love the silver and white. So pretty. Love the sleigh! xo

  8. Oh, the fur is so yummy and so on trend this year. I love bringing out the ornaments and decor that I have had for years. They bring back such fond memories. I also love buying new things, but they don't have the same memories.


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