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November 4, 2016

This and That This Week #12

This was an interesting week but I felt all screwed up with Halloween being on a Monday.  All the local festivities took place over the weekend so by Monday it felt like it was all over with already.  
Last Sunday I put together a post for Halloween showing pictures I captured in the downtown area where the older homes are.

This is the link to the post "here"

Tuesday and Wednesday I posted about feeling sentimental about my Mom and the childhood home I grew up in.  You can visit Part one "here" and Part Two "here".

Next I showed my dining table arrangement for Thanksgiving. 
You can view it "here"

I don't decorate early for Christmas but I'm not against picking things up early and exploring what new decorating items are out there.  I thought I'd share this with you since it's a trend that carried over from last year.

Last year I talked about using "tree collars" for your Christmas tree instead of a tree skirt.
This was the post "here" where I showed the two that I bought and some other ones at other retailers.
This year I saw some new ones from Balsam Hill that are neat.
 This one is similar to the one I got last year but has a better taper than mine.  Mine doesn't have a hinge like this one so we had to put the base in first and lift the tree down into it.

This galvanized one will appeal to a lot of people that want a different look or perhaps for a Farmhouse style.  Again I like that this has the hinge.

This one is in a classic willow basket shape. 
It accommodates a tree with up to a 2" pole in the center to put the tree into. 
We bought a tree from them last year so I get emails and catalogs from them.  I am not compensated - just sharing.  These are pricier than what I bought but they do have a sale going on.

Wishing you a great weekend ahead!


  1. Great way to share your different posts. Halloween is gone, now, so embracing this thankful month is a must! Thanksgiving does get forgotten and over shadowed by Christmas. Love your Thankful table and turkey. The Christmas collars are pretty cool. Looking back an d thinking about your childhood memories is a treasure. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Liz, your photos are so pretty of the goings on in your area. I'm not familiar with a tree collar. Ummm, interesting. I'll check out your links. Have a great weekend. ♥

  3. Your photos are very pretty. I am going to check out the company. I always see the commercials.

  4. I like those. A few years ago I won a wreath from Balsam Hill and it is absolutely fantastic! I love it and it looks so real that you can't tell the difference. xo Diana

  5. Liz,
    Great idea using the Tree Collars, dear friend!
    I still love using a Tree Skirt!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Liz! Oh that Halloween house is amazing. Wonder what kind of treats they passed out? I really like those tree thingys but I love a softer look by using a tree skirt. Take care, girlfriend!
    Shelia ;)


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