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October 14, 2015

C R E E P Y Gathering

I've done a little more Halloween decorating.

I don't have kids at home but there is still a kid in me so I always do something for Halloween.
Welcome to my C r e e p y Gathering

Chains, Mummies, Ravens, Skulls

Gravestones, leaves and moss...

He's lost his head!

 The mummy and black skeleton are new from T.J. Maxx this year the rest was already in my stockpile....

 Said the Raven...nevermore!

 I sprinkled moss around to age it a bit and tie things together

 I think he could hold a candle  too but I stacked little pumpkins on his tray instead.  I need something to dangle from the eges...

 You have to love these creepy faces that change as you move from side to side....

The metal "cage" is for a candle but I decided the skull was more fun!

Hope I didn't C R E E P you out too much!


  1. Ooooh. I love a bit of creepy for Halloween. You have some neat pieces! Sheila

  2. Very creative of you, Liz! Love the spooky vignettes!...Christinne

  3. Well, aren't YOU the spooky one? Here I thought you were all about PRETTY and you have this hidden DARK side to you. lol LOVE that mummy---oh my gosh- he is just great. It all looks great, Liz. What a fun display. xo Diana

  4. Anything that brings the kid out in us is a very good thing!

  5. Cute and spooky at the same time. Love the skeleton holding the tray of pumpkins. It's time to play.

  6. Liz you gave quite the collection of Halloween goods, I love the skeleton candle holder. Just fantastic dear.

  7. Halloween is just Ghoulishly fun, and I can see how much your enjoying it thru your displays!

  8. Oh Liz!
    I love a good scare, some Halloween mischief and a skeleton or two!
    This really set the mood for some hauntingly good times!


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