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October 6, 2015

Deckorating for Fall 2015

I've decided this year to make a presentation on the deck so we could view it right from the kitchen dining nook where we the sliding glass doors are and we can view it the most.

I emptied my black urns of the big fuchsia's that were in them and stacked up some pumpkins starting with a Cinderella pumpkin.  No one had the green color for the middle so I went with the lighter almost flesh color and topped it with a white one.  I love the pumpkins with the warts so I made sure I had one.

On the opposite side I replicated that look and staged a few things like the lantern.  I used a the pine needle mulch underneath.

We visited the Farmer's Market a few weekends in a row and I added pumpkins and gourds each trip.  Boy it was fun getting them back to the car!  Not!! 

That pumpkin with the giant stem is known as a Wolf pumpkin.  

They call this one in front a Turbin Squash.  It's fun to see all the varieties available.

The big orange one is called an Indian Doll pumpkin.  That's a swan neck gourd although I chose a straighter one this year.

We haven't had a frost yet so my annuals are still growing.  I gave this large black urn center stage.  I enjoyed watching this grow all summer.

When I planted it I used three fiber optic plants, three white alyssum and three begonia plants.  The begonias took over everything. 

So cute!

I almost hate showing my deck because it needs a new coat of stain.   The squirrels keep eating it too- we have chew marks and wood missing and it's quite messy.  You wouldn't believe how bad the steps look.  We have someone that's going to rebuild the steps but hasn't been able to do it yet so we may wait until spring now.  We think the squirrels are finding leftover traces of salt from the winter when we put it out so we don't fall on the ice.

I had tossed some leaves around and it looked more fallish but hubby didn't understand and he blew the deck off and all my leaves!  LOL... very soon my arrangement will be flooded with them and it will look even better.  I might add a couple of clusters of corn stalks but I'm not sure if I should bother.  The raccoons, squirrels and chipmunks always seem to visit and ravage them.

The last rose of summer!

Did anyone watch the Hallmark movie "The Impossible Dream" on Sunday from the Signed, Sealed and Delivered series?   They had me in tears a few times (the latter part of the movie is the best but you need all the prior set-ups to understand it)!  You'll find a reference to the last of rose of summer in the movie.

We are heavily overcast and expecting rain.  My heart goes out to those in South Carolina who are really getting a beating from the affects of Hurricane Joaquin.  My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Ivy and Elephants

Rattlebridge Farm


  1. Your fall decor looks so good, Liz. I love the variety of pumpkins you have purchased. The Wolf pumpkin with large stems are my fave. I too like pumpkins with "warts".

  2. So pretty! As I'm visiting blogs this morning, I'm realizing how far behind I am in setting out anything fallish on my front porch or back deck or anywhere! I need to get busy. I think I'll gather the pumpkins and squash from my garden today. That's a start!

  3. Very pretty, Liz! Love all of the pumpkins and unusual gourds! You always do it right.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Gorgeous Fall display. I agree, I would arrange it where you can see it visually. The gourds and pumpkins are unique and fun. I feel educated now! LOL

  5. Hi Liz, your fall deck display is gorgeous. Love learning the names of the different varieties. Your designs and styles are always the best.
    Enjoy the season! cm

  6. Your deck looks gorgeous, Liz! I would want to make the displays where we could see them too! Thanks for telling us the names of all the pumpkins and gourds!

  7. Your Fall deck-or is very pretty! I have two mums -- that's it! All your flowers from Summer are so lush and full, too.

  8. I love your display of pumpkins and gourds on your deck! Your begonia is thriving and your cherub tucked in among your blooms and fiber optic plant looks so cute. :)

  9. Liz, what a lovely collection of flowers and veggies to welcome fall! I so enjoyed learning the names of these seasonal superstars; they couldn't be more perfect and really suit their shapes! Oh, those last roses of summer, how precious they are, enjoy!!

    Happy Wednesday!


  10. So pretty Liz. I like gourds more than pumpkins in all honesty. I love the soft greenish blue and the light orange ones. You'll have a lovely view for the fall.


  11. Your deck looks absolutely beautiful Liz....it must be so great to sit and look out to that gorgeous deck filled with the fabulous mums and pumpkins. I did not see that movie ... love the Hallmark Channel..(out of town)...maybe I can find it on the demand channel....Hope you faired well with the rains.

  12. Liz, I immediately signed up to follow you and to follow by e-mail. You seem to live in such a beautiful setting and your flowers are just gorgeous. I really love all the pumpkins and gourds you have set around and fall is looking so beautiful on your deck..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  13. Liz,
    Oh, dear friend, too, too funny that hubby was "clearing the deck" for your photo shoot!!!
    Sounds like something my "Mr. Ed" would do!!! (wink!)
    I adore your begonias in the planter!!! Breathtakingly beautiful!!!
    The wolf pumpkin and turbin squash are truly unique!!!
    Oh, my goodness. . .I couldn't believe how h e a v y the real pumpkins were this year!!!
    I picked one off the display at a grocery store in Missouri and almost started an avalanche!!!
    The look on "Mr. Ed's" face was priceless. . .
    he thought we were going to be paying for many damaged pumpkins!!! Saved by my body moves!!!
    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous deck all decked out for Fall with us!!!

  14. Here you had your deck staged and hubby blew it off. Sounds like around my house. Ha! Well, your display is beautiful...as is your last rose. I need to reread your discussion of pumpkin types. I had no idea of their names. Sheila

  15. Liz I love the way you gathered all your little pumpkins around the urn, an that topiary made out of pumpkins is really cute.


  16. Love your fall vignette on your deck.It is nice to enjoy the view from inside. Your begonia is gorgeous. I relate to the pesky squirrels. They actually chewed a hole in my front porch column.
    Happy Autumn.

  17. Such a beautiful fall porch, I love all the sizes, shapes and types of pumpkins and squash that make up your vignette!! Beautiful begonia!! I have never seen an optic plant, interesting.

    Have a lovely day!


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